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Reading Party


So my best friend came over and we had a READING PARTY! I went and picked her up from the Sprinter station (it’s a small train that goes through cities in my area), and she came over, we set up snacks (not pictured) and just read! We read for a few hours while listening to Scooby Doo Where Are you? in the background. She brought her Nook which has like hundreds of books, as well as Throne of Glass which I got her for Christmas this year. I finished Wither and got a decent way into Scarlet which I started a bit ago.

I think this kind of thing is something we’ll be doing in the future since we’re both big bookworms and enjoy doing things such as sitting for hours and reading. I might do this with other friends who enjoy reading as well since it lets us just relax, read, and maybe get other things done.

This I know won’t be the last post about reading parties I do so stay tuned for more in the future! Do you all do reading parties? Let me know in the comments!

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Book Haul


So here is my first book haul post! Here’s how these will go, I’ll be posting the picture of the stack of book (they won’t be upside down in future posts hopefully). Then I’ll list the names and authors and a quick summary about each book, just incase people haven’t heard about the book so they can be informed what they’re about. I’ll also mention what edition if they are a specific edition, as well as where I got the book from, along with if it’s a rebuy of a book I already have.

Now that that is out of they way, let’s get started!

The first books I got were the Hunger Games and Catching Fire Rebel editions of the books. They’re normally found in the UK, but I ordered them off Book Depository. I have the original covers that are everywhere but I thought that these were awesome covers so I bought them! I have Mockingjay as well but it is not pictured. The spines are so cool because they mention a quote from the book on them!

The next book I got was World After in the British format, since I gave my best friend my American paperback copies to read! I absolutely loved this trilogy and it’s one of my all time favorites! I have the other two on my shelf. I got this one off Book Depository.

Next I got Assassin’s Blade, Heir of Fire and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas! I have the American paperback editions and since I loved the books from her that I’ve read SO much I got the British editions because I tend to do that for books I read and really love.  Got all these off Book Depository.

I also got The Final Empire and The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. I have been wanting to read his books and I just never got the books and since I love these covers I decided to get them off Book Depository. I need to research and see which books come in which order and things like that. I’m completely clueless to that.

I picked up Forgive Me Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick off Book Depository and I don’t know too much about it except its about a boy who plans to kill the school bully then himself. It sounded interesting and so I hope to read it soon!

Off Book Outlet I got Earthbound by Aprilynne Pike, which I haven’t heard a lot of things about, so to be honest this book was a cover buy. From the summary it is about a girl who survives a plane crash that kills her parents and is now seeing a boy she has never met. It sounded interesting so I bought it.

Second to last I got 5 to 1 by Holly Bodger off Book Outlet, which is about a society in India where women are a commodity and so there are tests for men so they can win a wife. But the main character does not want to be a wife and the man trying to win her doesn’t want to be a part of it.

Lastly I got Rags & Bones by Marissa Marr, which is also off Book Outlet. It is another book of short stories by different authors! I am really loving those types of books so I’m glad I found it and picked it up! It is basically a modern twist on classic fairy tales from what I’m understanding.

And that is my book haul for this post! Hope you enjoyed it and I’ll try and keep the next ones shorter! Hope it wasn’t too long! Let me know what books you picked up recently! I love seeing what others have gotten to maybe get new books to read!