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Reading Party


So my best friend came over and we had a READING PARTY! I went and picked her up from the Sprinter station (it’s a small train that goes through cities in my area), and she came over, we set up snacks (not pictured) and just read! We read for a few hours while listening to Scooby Doo Where Are you? in the background. She brought her Nook which has like hundreds of books, as well as Throne of Glass which I got her for Christmas this year. I finished Wither and got a decent way into Scarlet which I started a bit ago.

I think this kind of thing is something we’ll be doing in the future since we’re both big bookworms and enjoy doing things such as sitting for hours and reading. I might do this with other friends who enjoy reading as well since it lets us just relax, read, and maybe get other things done.

This I know won’t be the last post about reading parties I do so stay tuned for more in the future! Do you all do reading parties? Let me know in the comments!


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