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After the End & Until the Beginning

After the End and Until the Beginning by Amy Plum

Publisher: HarperTeen

Published: May 6th, 2014 & May 5th, 2015

Rating: 5/5


After the End and Until the Beginning take place in present time, starting in Alaska and ending in New Mexico with magical elements. Juneau travels from Alaska to Seattle when she gets back to camp to find her clan missing. She lives in a clan that has been isolated from the world, and has been lead to believe that a World War III has happened so wiped out most of society, only to find out it hasn’t. She has this ability to connect with nature, and I would describe her as a shaman. She meets Miles, who is a trouble teen who wants to help his father, while also gaining his father’s approval and love.

Until the beginning picks up where After the End left off, and I loved the adventure and her continued journey to get her clan back and to help them escape. When the man who captured them revealed his intentions and his reason for needing her, my jaw dropped! It dropped so many times in these books with all the reveals that happened but this one I was like woah! Threw me for a loop! You find out much about people’s intentions for her and you’re just shocked because it really wasn’t what you’re expecting.

I have found one of my new favorite book series of all time. I was blown away by how into these two books I became after I read the first one and once I finished the second one as well! I was dying for more and to find out what happens once the ending happens! I’m happy where it ended for the stories sake, but because I’m obsessed with these books and characters I just need to read more! Once you read them, you’ll understand and you’ll get hooked! I couldn’t put them down, and once I got to a certain point in Until the Beginning, I didn’t want it to end since I knew once I finished, it’d be over, so I took a little longer to read that book than I did with After the End.

My favorite part of the book was Juneau’s character and personality. I love her drive and her focus, she was just amazing. And the sacrifices that she did in order to do what she had to do to save her tribe, made me admire her even more.

Id love to hear your thoughts on these books, let me know how you liked them both separately and as a whole duology! These books definitely make me more interested in her work, and I highly recommend these books to everyone!



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