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Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley

Publisher: HarperCollins

Published: April 2015

Rating: 5/5

First things first let me just say how amazing this book cover is! Probably the most beautiful book cover I have ever seen. When I saw the birds coming out of the feather I didn’t understand at first, but I realized as I was reading the book that they make perfect sense! Love that they incorporated them into the cover somehow.

Now onto the book!

This book was ABSOLUTELY spectacular!

I did not want it to end, nor did I want to put it down! I fell in love with Aza and Jason right off the bat! They’re relationship as friends is great, and I was so happy with their friendship through the book.

The book starts off with us learning about Aza and a mysterious disease she has that is almost like asthma in terms of her not being able to breath at times, as well as difficulty catching her breathe. No one seems able to find a cure for is, so the disease is named after her. We’re left wondering what she has, and the mystery of it all hooks you in!

She is taken up to a place called Magonia, after certain events in the book which take her away from her world to one in the clouds. A ship to be specific. And I was blown away! Her description about the different characters, the action taking place above skies on flying ships, and the locations were beautiful, and I found myself rooting for a certain character in Aza’s new life, and I got so invested in everything happening that when I read what the character was really doing, I got so angry! And for a while I got mad at a character named Dai for a few pages, but you’ll find out about that towards the end of the book! But I love the idea of what they can create with air and weather when the Magonians sing. Aza shows perfectly what they can create when they put their minds to it, it was amazing to read about.

I thought it was great that Headley added a lesbian couple to her story. They weren’t gross or anything, very sweet and in love, but also subtle. It was a great way to include it, and I hope in the next book we will learn more about them and see more interactions.

This book reminded me of Treasure Planet and really made me anting to see it, so I did excessively! If you’re a fan of that kind of stuff, with space pirates, and flying ships and fantasy creatures, you’ll devour this book! I highly recommend this book, even if you’re not into fantasy that much, the writing is beautiful and the world is amazing, the last chapter left me wanting more, I really wished the second book was done because I just want to get my hands on it. Look out in the future for a review on that book when I get it. I know it’ll be as amazing as the first one.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read this before, I want to hear your thoughts about it!