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Faking Normal


Faking Normal by Courtney C Stevens

Publisher: HarperTeen

Published: February 25, 2014

Rating: 5/5


The story follows a girl named Alexi who is trying to live her life after a traumatic event happened to her during a summer party at her house. It starts at a funeral for a classmates mother and it takes off after that, going along with her in school as a teenager. It left me feeling raw, because I got so absorbed into Lex’s issues and her pain after what happened to her, that when it ended I just wasn’t prepared.

This book is absolutely fantastic, heartbreaking and amazingly real. Courtney Stevens is a fantastic author, and her novel was just so well written. I was blown away, and this is my favorite book so far this year! Hands down! I loved how she described the trauma that happened to Lex, she didn’t make it so dramatic that it was not believable, she slowly revealed the story, and dropped the bomb on you like WOAH…woah. She lead you to believe that it was someone, then it ended up being someone I never expected it to be. I felt sad that Lex had to resort to what she does when she gets panicky and upset. I just wanted to hug her, because her vulnerably really hit me.

I just also wanted to express my hate for Lex’s sister Kayla.

HATED her for most of the story, and when Lex revealed what happened, that was when I actually started to like her.

I felt that she took the right steps towards revealing her situation to her sister and her sister took the right path in handling it.

Hayden was also a character I didn’t like too much, because he was a jerk. Some of the things he did were a bit mean, and low, and it made me dislike him. I also didn’t like how he talked to her, his attitude towards her at times just annoyed me.

But as a side-note, this isn’t a criticism of Courtney’s writing, just a character! It basically makes me love her writing even more because I got so into the book that I started hating characters!

Bodee was one of my favorite characters throughout the story! He was such a sweetheart, and I loved his protective nature towards Alexi, and I loved reading about their different ways to deal with their different situations, in terms of showing their anxiety, or finding their strength.

One of the last parts of the book that got to me was Heather. I didn’t like her very much because of her ability to get Lex to do what she wanted without consideration for her wants and feelings. She was determined to set up Lex despite Lex’s feelings towards not wanting that. But it made me sad that Lex felt the need to follow what Heather wanted. Lastly, I didn’t like Heather’s attitude toward Bodee in many parts of the book, mainly because I felt bad for him after what he went through.

But anyways, amazing book, highly recommend and I definitely will read this book again sometime soon! This book will definitely stay with me for months to come!




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