The Winner’s Crime


The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski

Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux

Published: March 3rd, 2015

Rating: 5/5

The Winner’s Crime is the story following The Winner’s Curse, which basically means I can’t say much about the plot since it’ll give things away! But it still follows Arin and Kestrel.

I always get nervous when a trilogy or series moves onto the second book. Authors sometimes don’t do as well with the second book as with the first and third but I absolutely loved this second installment so much! This really added to the story so much, and I loved the direction it took. There was so much growth with the characters, and the plot.

This was a very political second book, and while I normally wouldn’t get into books like this, this one was completely different! It had me hooked, and I would try so hard to get through it to see what happens next. My feels were out of this world! I could not put it down, and I love those types of books!

I will mention that I screamed and freaked out as the ending happened. Not ashamed to admit it honestly! I am so attached to the characters, and I really cannot wait to dive into the next and last book.

In the first book, Kestrel was so strong, stubborn, and wickedly smart. It definitely shows in this book, and I love reading how her mind works. She just thinks of things in such a different way, as well as process situations so uniquely! While she doesn’t want to be part of the military, her mind is definitely a military mind, while also embracing her femininity. It was nice and refreshing to see a girl who knows how to punch, but also loves wearing dresses.

Let me just say, there are times I just want to smack Arin, and leave him and Kestrel in a room alone! Because they have so many issues to settle, and whenever it seems like things are working out, something comes around to mess it up!

I just know that the last book will basically mess up my emotions, so if I’m absent for a few days it’s because I’m emotionally unstable!

Let me know your thoughts on this book, as well as the trilogy! Are you just as attached as I am?! Let me know below!


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