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An Ember in the Ashes 

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Publisher: Razorbill

Published: April 28, 2015

Rating: 5/5
So I heard many reviews about this book and all have been good. And I now see the hype around this amazing book! I loved it from start to finish! I could really relate to the main character, I loved the plot, the writing was amazing. Probably one of my all time favorite books now. I’m super excited for the sequel which comes out in August. Sad I don’t have an ARC of it but oh well. An Ember in the Ashes follows a girl named Laia and a boy name Elias. Elias is a solider in training, and Laia is a Scholar. It follows Laia’s quest to find her brother and how she joins the resistance in order to help save him, which leads to her meeting Elias. It turns out they both have more in common than they think. 

This is actually Sabaa’s first book and wow! I love reading books by new authors and even more so when they’re super amazing! Which this one definitely was! I felt she made the plot so interesting, the action so intense, and world so interesting to read about, and the characters relatable. 

I really just admire Laia so much. She’s one of my all time favorite female characters. She’s so brave, and so strong, but so human. She doesn’t just act brave instantly. It’s something that she has to really work for. Her fest holds her back at times, and her growth through out the book really shows through moments where she’s afraid. I really loved reading her parts. I couldn’t relate to Helene very much (Elias’s friend) very much since she was such a tough cookie. But I did like her, and how strong of a girl she was. She was very admirable. Her loyalty is also very admirable, and at times frustrating! 

Elias is another great character. I really enjoyed him and his storyline too. His sense of right and wrong always showed throughout the story and I liked how he really stuck to that. Also thought it was nice that he was sensitive to what he’s had to do in the past. He doesn’t brush past feeling agony over killing people, and he took time to remember. 

Overall this was an amazing book. I really recommend this book to everyone. It was just a book I couldn’t put down, and when I had to I was constantly thinking about it. I know people will really enjoy it and I now know what the hype over this book was. And the hype is well deserved. 

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April Book Haul



So I’ll be separting this into four parts: 1.) Barnes and nobles Haul 2.) Book Off Haul 3.) YallWest ARCs 4.) Yallwest non-ARCs.

So for my Barnes and Nobles Run, I got new releases: The Star-Touched Queen, The Winner’s Kiss, Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour, and The Rose and the Dagger. Out of those four I have only read two so far. I want to start the Star-Touched Queen soon! The Winner’s Kiss is the final book in the Winner’s Trilogy, and the Rose and the Dagger is the sequel following The Wrath and the Dawn. I’m excited to start the other books I got from there too.

The next part of the book haul is from book off, a used bookstore that buys and sells books/dvds/games/etc. I always tend to find good things there and this time was definitely no exception. I got two copies of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I got the book set pictured, as well as the three books on top of them. I didn’t need other copies but of course I bought them. I also got A Madness so Discreet by Mindy McGinnis, which I got for 5 dollars. I got a British copy of Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi, one of my favorite books! I loved it, and I’ve been wanting a copy of this version for a while but never got a copy. Got it for about 4.50. I also got the book set of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy in the British format and covers. I also wanted this series in this format for awhile but never got around to getting it. It was only 15 dollars for the whole trilogy so I’m happy!

The next section is the completed books I got at YallWest. I got four of them. The first is the Young Elites by Marie Lu, in the YallWest exclusive edition. I haven’t read anything by her yet, so I hope to eventually start. Another is Firstlife by Gena Showater. I also haven’t read anything by her, but I attempted to read her Alice in Zombieland book but I never completed it. I want to try it in the future though, one day soon. This one might be the first I read, because this one sounds really good, about a girl locked up in an asylum for not letting her parents chose where she will live in her Afterlife. Next is All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, which I heard is actually pretty good! Really excited to check it out soon! Lastly is Everything, Everything Nicola Yoon, about a girl who is allergic to everything. I loved that when the author signed it she wrote “thank you for everything, everything” which was really cute!

Last section is all my ARCs I got. I’m just going to type the titles and authors, as well as a quick sentence for each books. Heartless by Marissa Meyer is a retelling about the Queen of Hearts in Alice and Wonderland. Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow, about a teenage girl who has lived a painful life and has experienced lots of sorrow in her young life. Next is A Totally Awkward Love Story by Tom Ellen about a girl and boy who must navigate misunderstandings, plotting of friends, and fears of being virgins forever. One Silver Summer is a story written by Rachel Hickman about a girl named Sass who is sent to live with her uncle after her mother dies. The Season by Jonah Lisa Dyer and Stephen Dyer about a girl who is a soccer player who has Olympic dreams, and is entered into the debutante season.

Spontaneous by Aaron Starmer is about a people who spontaneously combust in high school. The Fall of Butterflies by Andrea Portes from what I heard is about a girl who goes to a prep school because her mom sent her there. Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies by Lindsay Ribar is about a boy who can read people’s fears and a girl who’s family does whatever they can to keep their secrets a secret. What Light by Jay Asher is about a girl who’s family goes to California every year to set up a Christmas tree farm and she meets a guy there and becomes two different people. Futhermore by Tahereh Mafi is my most anticipated ARC I got, and it’s about a colorless girl who lives in a world of color who has to go on a mission to find her father after he goes missing. Beware That Girl by Teresa Toten seems to be about two girls, one popular and one not who are best friends, and a teacher who comes and shakes everyone’s lives up. Lastly is Still Life with Tornado by A.S. King is about a girl trying to survive with a family that is disfunctional is what I’m gathering. 
And there is my book haul! I’ll be posting a May Haul soon since I’ve gathered sole awesome books this month, and I’m reading some awesome books too! Keep an eye out for that in the near future! 

Let me know in the comments what books you’ve acquired recently! I’d like to know! 

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Sword and Urn


Sword and Urn by Dan Absalonson

Published: April 24, 2016

Rating: 4/5

Was given an ebook copy of this book and I really did enjoy it, the plot was fun and interesting, it had me curious for more. The characters were interesting, and I really enjoyed Drade and his journey. This book is about a young man named Drade who after a tragic incident with two swordsmen, is off to find his family members.

The plot was fun, I liked the direction thr story went  while the writing was a bit cheesy overall it really kept me interested in what was going on. I really think the author definitly can write, and I hope to check out his books in the future .

The setting was cool, I liked the the older flavor of it. It reminded me of King Arthur with the old time atmosphere. The characters were well thought out and each had a meaning as well as a purpose. I think my favorite besides Drade was Wicksam. I really enjoyed his part in the story. The characters were so different from each other, and I loved what they brought to the story. Dan was great at creating different people who really could not be more different from one another.

The ending was good, had a concrete conclusion but left it slightly open in a way. But I do wish there had been more because I would have liked to have read more about Drade. But again it ended in a good place, and everything was resolved or answered.

Overall it was a good read,  and again I hope to check out the author’s work in the future.

You can buy his book off amazon: http://www.amzn.com/1523282827

His webite is: http://www.DanDanTheArtMan.com so go check him and his books out! Highly recommend them!

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Series Summer


I am done with college!!!…for the semester…but still! I’m on summer vacation finally. And that means way more reading will hopefully be happening since all I have planned is work. This is the first summer since junior year that I’ve had it off, I’ve always done summer school.

So to celebrate having the time off from school, I decided I’m going to participate in a thing called Series Summer. I saw this on Jacqueline’s channel over at JBookLover on YouTube. I’ll add her links down below so you can check her out and maybe join in the series summer!

So series summer is basically where you try and read book series over summer break that you either haven’t gotten around to or just haven’t finished yet. There are quite a few that I haven’t finished yet so I’ll be doing that this summer. Some of them aren’t complete yet but I do want to finish what’s out by the end of summer.

So let’s get started!

The first series I want to finish is the Poison Study series by Maria V Snyder! I left off at Magic Study and haven’t gotten around to purchasing the third one, but I have the next two after it. So hopefully once I get it I’ll just marathon it. They’re a series about a girl name Yelenia who becomes the commander’s poison tester in place of being executed, and about her journey and adventures after that. I love this series and I always finish it really fast because I get go absorbed in them!

The next series is actually a trilogy and it’s the Internment Chronicles by Lauren DeStefano. I read the first book called Perfect Ruin, and absolutely loved it so I hope to finish the last two of the series this summer. They’re super short so I’m sure I can finish them in a day or two. They’re about a city called Internment and it’s in the clouds above earth. The main character Morgan starts wondering about all the murders happening there and a mystery starts to unfold.

Next is the Covenant series by Jennifer L Armentrout. I’ve only gotten up to the third book but I hope to finish this series by the end of summer as well. I’ve read her other two young adult series and loved them so this is high up on my list. It’s not as good to me as the Lux series or the Dark Elements series but still very very good! It’s basically about two races of Hematoi: Pures and Half-Bloods, and it’s about the main character Alexandria who doesn’t want to become a servant, but a sentinel. It’s all about her journey to trying to achieve her goal, and the craziness that comes along with that journey.

I also plan on reading the Across the Universe trilogy, and I haven’t even start this one yet, which sucks because I’ve heard great things about them! They’re by Beth Revis, who’s other books sound really good as well so I’ll have to check those out sometime too! I honestly don’t know much about these, just that they’re about aliens and space. So sounds about right up my alley! I’m really excited to start this series so we’ll see how it all goes.

Next is the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes. I’ve read up to the third book, and I know there’s another coming out soon so I have to get on it and finish the current books! I loved this series so much, and I’m super excited to see what happens and how the story goes! It’s told from four different perspectives in three different areas. And you see into their lives and follow their journeys through really tough moments of their lives. Still have to post my review for Rebel Spring (book 2) so hopefully I’ll be getting to that soon as well.

I also want to finish the Starbound trilogy, which I am currently on book 2, still reading it sadly. Glad I decided to take it to NY with me this week, I’ll hopefully be done by the time I get home from my trip! But I loved the first book so it’s saddened me that it took me so long to get into the second book, and to really start liking the characters. Hopefully that changes as the book goes on. These are by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner by the way.

Last series is the Throne of Glass series. I’m also including A Court of Mist and Fury since I haven’t read that yet but I have a copy of it. For throne of glass I have read up the the third one, so I plan on starting there and reading the last two that were published. I plan on reading them all before Empire of Storms comes out, that is my goal!

So I noticed that it’s quite a bit of series I plan on reading but oh well! At least it gives me something to work towards! I also plan on trying to sequeeze in other books as well on top of the series books and review books I’ll be reading but we’ll see how that goes!

Let me know in the comments what books you plan on reading this summer, and if you plan on doing the series summer too and your TBR for that! I’d really like to know!

Here’s Jacqueline’s YouTube channel, definitely go check her out and subscribe to her!


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Opposition by Jennifer L Armentrout

Publisher: Entangled Teen

Published: August 5th, 2014

Rating: 5/5

Opposition is the last book of the Lux series, and was such an amazing ending to an amazing series! It really wrapped everything up well! I just…this book man! All the feelings in all the land! So many things happened on here, and so many things happened to the characters and with everything! I loved the new characters that were added throughout the series, and I really liked how they ended up in this book.

Nancy is such a %$@!#!!! OMG. Hated her in the fourth book, and I really hated her in this book, especially at the ending..with what happened. Omg. She’s a horrible person! Hate her guts! But it’s good because that means Jennifer can really write her characters. I love when I get so invested in characters, such as really loving them, or really hating them. Because it means the author is great at what they do…at least in my eyes it means that.

I feel like I repeat myself but I really adore Katy and Daemon. They really are such amazing characters, and it makes me really sad that this is the last book in the series, besides Oblivion (which I also read). But again, they’re great characters, and love how Jennifer writes them in this series. Dawson and Bethany are also present, I realized I didn’t mention much about them in the previous book reviews, but they are such good characters as well, and play important parts in the story. Dawson more than Bethany, but Beth is a sweet person and I love her! But as usual, love Katy and how she handles herself in this series, as well as this book, especially after what happened in a couple points in the series. Daemon was just hot stuff in here, and I loved seeing him and his need to protect his family and the people he loves.

It’s another book in this series that really packs on the action. And the things both Daemon and Katy did to try and help what was going on, really added to the action going on.

Let me also just say…without spoilers appearing…what happened that was related to Kat…I CRIED! I cried after I screamed and freaked out because I wasn’t expecting that to happen. What I thought would happen was not what happened, and I don’t know which one would have made me freak out more. But I freaked out! Broke my heart, but again I really thought it added an extra something to the book.

Now that this series is do with basically, I just need to go and finish her other book series The Covenant Series. I finally have them all, but I haven’t gotten past the second book yet. I’m loving them but I put them on hold to finish some other books. For the summer, I really want to finish that series. Hopefully I get around to them.

Let me know your thoughts on the book, as well as the series! I’d really love to know all your thoughts!

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Origin by Jennifer L Armentrout

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Published: August 27th, 2013

Rating: 5/5

Origin is the fourth book from the Lux series, and again I can’t give much more information about the plot to avoid spoilers! But once again Jennifer creates such an amazing story, and the action just keeps you hooked and reading. I thought that this was one of the best books in the series!

Again…that ending…THAT ENDING!

Kat again, I was just in awe of her and her strength throughout the book! I liked how the book started off with her and what happened with her at the end of book three. I always enjoy reading from her point of view, her mind is really interesting to look into. She is still one of my all time favorite book characters. She’s sassy, smart, funny, brave, and determined. I really just adore her, and I love how Jennifer really portrays her.

Daemon as always was just swoon worthy, and the things he does or will do for Katy just…ahhh! I get all mushy, and make me love him even more. I really loved reading the chapters from his point of view. Seeing his feelings towards Katy, and also towards his family and everything, really was interesting and lovely to read. He’s overall just adorable, cute, and such a strong character.

(A few lines in there might be spoilers…sorry!)

There are so many things I want to say about this, but spoilers would be a thing! *AGAIN THAT ENDING* I flipped out when I finished this book, and I’m so happy that when I read it, the last book was already out because I would have died having to wait for the next book to come out. Because you didn’t expect that ending, but you also really want to know more right away. I liked how she ended it, she always knows how to end books well. Jennifer is one of my top 5 favorite authors ever, and she really knows how to write a book series.

I finished the series so I’ll be posting my review of the last book right after this goes up! Let me know if you have read this book, and your thoughts on it; and/or your thoughts on the series overall! I’d really love to hear them!

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Opal cover 500px

Opal by Jennifer L Armentrout

Publisher: Entangled Teen

Published: December 11th, 2012

Rating: 5/5


So again I can’t give much detail for this review since it takes place after Obsidian and it’ll give away spoilers! But it follows the events after what happened in Obsidian and Onyx, and you meet a couple new people, get to know the new characters more, and see other sides of them. Plus the tension is high through out the novel and the twists and turns are just amazing! Forever love this series, and I love how Jennifer is able to create just dynamic characters for her novels, as well as plots that get you hooked from beginning to end!

Kat again is just dynamite throughout this novel, and you really see her perks and faults as a character. I really loved seeing her grow in this book from her character in the first book to this one, and even to the last book! She is one of my top five literary females! I love her willingness to help pull her weight. It showed her strength as a person, and it was refreshing to see her willing to step up.

Daemon again is all swoony-ness and sex appeal. His commentary again helps move along the novel, and makes it funny! I adore his character, and I pretty much enjoy his whole presence in the book. He’s so sweet with Katy, super protective of her and his family, and he is a fierce fighter. One of my favorite characters throughout this book as well. I liked seeing the different sides of him, and how he handled the tough times in this book, especially following after what happened in the second book. And it really broke my heart after what happened at the end of this book as well.

Speaking of the end of this book…without spoilers…HOLY HECK! That ending just ripped me to shreds, but added a whole other level to this story and the plot. I really wasn’t expecting that to happen, but it really made the book so much better. I also liked how it lead up to the conflict in the next two books. Jennifer is of the the few authors that just make me shriek and freak out, because what they throw on us just…man! I can’t even really explain it very well!

So again, overall, it was one heck of a book! I dived in and couldn’t put it down for nothing. So worth the little sleep I got trying to read it. So worth it. If you haven’t read Jennifer’s novels, definitely start with the Lux series, it really is such a fast paced, dynamic book series.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read her novels; and what you think of this series, as well as this book! I’d really love to know!