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Dark Age


Dark Age by Felix O Hartmann

Publisher: Hartmann Publishing

Published: June 24th, 2016

Rating: 4/5

This book was sent to me by the author for a honest review and I am so glad he did! But knowing that he sent it to me, does not influence the direction of this review.

It is a dystopian book set in the year 2154, and the world is now back in a medieval type of world. It is about a young man named Adam who is about to join the Grey Guard which defend the city. He wants to change the broken system of his society, and to do that he will  find a way to bring down their leader.

I really enjoyed this book, it was nice to see a different type of dystopian society where they go back instead of going forward with their society. I love the medieval vibe, I enjoy reading books in that style so it was one of my favorites in that genre. It had walled cities, old fashioned weapons which just made me excited to read this! There was some slight world building, but not much; and it was really done well. His writing was times was a bit simple, but it overall his writing was spot on. I was very impressed with what I read though, for a first time author I really enjoyed this book. His ideas for the story were well executed, and I felt the way he set up the plot was awesome.

This book though, had to many up and downs in it! So many things happened, and a lot happened to Adam so I felt so bad for him! He was a good character, very morally good and so concerned with helping others around him. He showed so much courage, and it was interesting reading about him and reading his thoughts throughout the story. There are some improvements that could be done but for a first book, it was really good.

Overall there were moments that I really enjoyed, as well as moments where it felt silly in terms of plot. But I really liked it, and I cannot wait to see where the next books will go, as well as where the author will go in his future books. Highly recommend this book to anyone interested in dystopian with a different sort of direction! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read this book and your thoughts as well! I’d really like to hear it! I’ll be leaving a link to the amazon page where you can buy the book on either your Kindle or in paperback book. Check it out everyone!

Amazon link: https://amzn.com/0997573120


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The Selection


The Selection by Kiera Cass

Publisher: HarperTeen

Published: April 24, 2012

Rating: 5/5

So I kind of went into this not really thinking that I wouldn’t like this. The description everyone gave me was that it was the young adult version of The Bachelor. And I HATE the Bachelor so I was thinking I really wouldn’t like it at all!

But I actually really really loved this!! I flew through this book in like 6 hours! I could not put it down! It was really close to the how I imagine the Bachelor is, but so much better! I really liked the characters in this book, America was probably my favorite character! She was a good character to read about, I really liked her personality! She was very caring towards other that were lesser than her, she was headstrong. And she was truly invested in her family, even if she didn’t get along with her mother; she only wanted what was best for them, even if she had to put her dreams aside for it.

Mason was another good character, he really stood out to me in my mind. He was very different from his image he portrayed, and I loved diving into this character through out this book. I cannot wait to read more from the series and see how he develops in the future. He didn’t have a good view of the lower class, but he really had his heart set on learning.

Aspen for me wasn’t my favorite character really. I liked him at first and his interaction with America, but then I read on and I really just got frustrated with him. He had a moment where his pride got the best of him and I tend to not like that. Not really in terms of the author’s writing or theme, but just personality wise for him it didn’t make me like him. But he was a good character, and I hope he does make more appearances in the future. I understand his reasons but at the same time I was like “dude…stop”.

But again I loved his book, I hope to continue sometime soon with the series! I really enjoy her writing style, and I love how this book is just a fun and quick read for me!

Let me know your thoughts on this book as well as the series for I would really like to know! I know lots of people don’t like the series so I want to hear everyone’s thoughts on it.

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Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 New Books on Wishlist

I joined a group on Goodreads called Top 5 Wednesday and they give topics for each Wednesday of the year and this is this weeks post for it!

The topic for today Wednesday July 20th is Top 5 Most Recent Additions to Your Wishlist

  1. Blood and Salt by Kim Liggett which is called a Romeo and Juliet meets Children of the Corn romantic horror book! Sounds really creepy and cool!23845997
  2. Hey Sunshine by Tia Giacalone. I honestly have no idea what it is about…just that I really love the cover!                                            25392676
  3. The Elite by Kiera Cass. Mainly because I just finished the first book and I really want to continue on with this story and see what happens! I really need it! 16248068
  4. Redemption Road by Katie Ashley. I saw Jessica from PeaceLoveBooks on Youtube rave about that series and book so I really want to check it out! I am really venturing out into romance books and I want to see if I’ll continue to like that genre! 24485852
  5. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson. I have never read a book by her and I really want to, so I hope when I get this book that it will be my first one of hers! It’s about a girl who gets a job as a dog walker…that’s all I know. But hoping I’ll really like it!                                                                         17838528

And that is my first Top 5 Wednesday! Let me know in the comments what are your top 5 books you recently added to your wishlist! I’d like to know!


A Court of Mist and Fury


A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Published: May 3, 2016

Rating: 5/5

Honestly, if I could rate books higher than 5/5 I totally would, because this book just blew me away! It is one of my all time favorite books, literally right under LOTR/The Hobbit which are both #1 on my list!

This book is really a game changer for this entire series.

I read ACOTAR last summer, and I really loved it so much! I could not stop obsessing over it and raving about how amazing it was. And then I buddy read this book with my friend and we just freaked out over it as we were reading it. I just…couldn’t get enough of this book! It definitely surpassed my love for the first book!

No second book slump at all!

It really changed how you feel about the characters. I won’t be going too into detail about them to stop from spoilers but some things might get a bit spoilery so I’m sorry for that!

But starting off the book, you really get a look at Feyre’s PTSD from what happened in the first book, and you sort of feel really bad for her! That entire situation is just sad to be honest, her need to hide what she is feeling to Tamlin, and his obsession with keeping her safe. He is coming from a good place, but really messes up with how he goes about everything. Really messes up. To the point where you just don’t like him.

Many feelings change in this book towards different people, and really loved that aspect of this book. Really felt that it added to my experience reading it.

Feyre is an amazingly well written character, and I love her to death! Normally people change through the different books, and Feyre just grew so much from the beginning to the end! She has her struggles that she faces, and learns to get past them and work at being her best self. Love that she wasn’t instantly better than before, that she really had to struggle and work past all her issues. It was amazing to see, and so relatable.

Now Rhysand…what a man! I loved him in ACOTAR, always felt he added so much to that story, and he really just….blew up in this book! LOVE HIM TO PIECES. I love seeing the different pieces of his personality, as well as the different aspects of his kingdom. So many feelings toward Rhysand and everything about him. Favorite male YA character of all time. He was just…damn sexy!

Sarah really knows how to showcase a setting without being so descriptive all at once, and she wrote such beautiful scenes (i.e. Starfall). Visiting the different kingdoms was great, and of course the Night Court is my favorite. Obviously.

Highly recommend this series to everyone and their mother! Trust me! If you think you like the first, be prepared to love the second one! I never thought a sequel could be this good and it really was!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read this book and your thoughts on it and everything! I’d love to know and talk about it with you!

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Crown of Midnight


Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas

Published: Bloomsbury USA Childrens

Publisher: August 27th, 2013

Rating: 5/5

This book…oh my gosh! This series…OH MY GOSH!

I am absolutely in love with Sarah J Maas’ work and writing and characters and everything! She really knows how to create worlds where you just fall into them and never want to leave! Her characters are just amazingly written, they have such depth to them, and it is just amazing watching them grow from book to book. I am finally getting through this series, and I am currently on the 3rd book! Loving it so far and loving how again they seem to grow as people.

Celaena is once again just such an amazing character. I love her and her personality! She has consistently been my favorite character so far from book one and I’m hoping that continues as the series goes on! She is so different from other main characters that you read in other books like this! She is independent, strong, feminine, and is someone that you can definitely look up to. She doesn’t feel the need to hide the fact that she is a tough cookie. Her being a tough cookie is great, and she really uses it to her advantage! She doesn’t shy away from that, and she also doesn’t hate the idea of being a girl.

Chaol is such a cutie! Love him so much! And the plot twist he was involved in…oh my gosh it crushed my heart! I just…..it changed everything! It changed him, it changed Celaena, it changed the game! I was shocked! My heart also broke for him for reasons I cannot explain!

This book though was a plot twist after plot twist! It just changed the game forever.

Dorian was an interesting character. Love him and love reading about him as per usual. But I like him and what he brings to the plot. He also plays a key role in this book and I really liked seeing how he was involved and how his role changed a lot of things in this book!

Highly highly recommend this book for everyone! Especially those that really love fantasy and action! You’ll get a lot in this book trust me! And you’ll be seeing more reviews for this book series as I am finally getting around to the rest as I mentioned above!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read this series as well as your thoughts on this book! I’d love to know!

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Rebel Spring


Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes

Publisher: Razorbill

Published: December 3rd, 2013

Rating: 5/5

This book guys! This book was intense! I loved it! Such a great continuation to the series! I cannot wait to jump into the third one! 

This is  the second book in the Falling Kingdoms series and takes off where the first book left off. Hence why I’m not leaving much of a summary of this book. But it was a very solid sequel, and the development was great, both in terms of plot development and character development. The people in this world really grew as individuals, and they really had to face some hard times. I enjoyed seeing it all and reading along with them. 

Normally I wouldn’t like a book with as many POV’s as this one had but I really liked reading from all their perspectives! 

Fav wore character is Cleo still! Since book 1! I’m hoping that doesn’t change in books 3 & 4! She is a very strong person in this book I feel. I think that since she’s spoiled people don’t see her strength. But I loved the direction she went in this book. 

Jonas was a sweetheart. He was generally a good person and a good character to read about. It was hard seeing him struggle in book 1, and it was amazing to see him move from book 1 to book 2! I’m super excited again to see how he grows in the next two books. 

I think as with book 1 I felt bad for Magnus in terms of the cards he’s dealt. First with his father then with his sister. Man. But again I liked his POV. Reading his parts were always interesting to me, and next to Cleo he’s a favorite of mine. Lastly is Lucia who I honestly don’t like too much. Mainly with issues happening from book 1 that seemed to carry on Into this book. Felt she could have done things differently (Lucia not the author). I liked her abilities, and in a way I liked her storyline but at the same time I wanted to shake her so badly. 

Again overall one of my top 10 favorites this year! Definitely doesn’t have the sequel slump. You cannot put it down and you’ll fly through it and hop into book 3! I cannot wait to get back into this series and check out the next two books! Can’t wait for book 5! 

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read this book and your thoughts on both Rebel Spring and the series as a whole! I’d love to know!

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Bookish Merch from Evie Bookish

Hello everyone! I’m posting today to talk about my favorite designer to buy bookish merch from! I mentioned it in the last post I did but I can’t help but make a post all about her work! So I’ll be sharing pictures that I  took of her items that I have. And I’ll be leaving a link to both her society6 and Redbubble pages! 

First up is the bag with the quote “The trees speak latin” from The Raven Boys! I use this bag for everything! Right now it’s currently my work bag!
The pillow next to it is from These Broken Stars and it says “And there is is, against all hope like the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. The smallest hint of a smile”. This was probably my favorite quote from the book! 

Next are the two pouches I bought. One is a size small and says “They joined hands so the world ended. And the next one began” from Queen of Shadows. Next to it it says “Is there a reason you’re smiling at me. Or shall I interpret it as a death wish?” From Queen of Shadows. These pouches are my favorite because they’re so handy! 

Lastly I’ll be showing you two pillow cases I got! One says “You could rattle the stars. She said. You could do anything if only you dared. And deep down you know it too. That’s what scares you” from Throne of Glass. And lastly “‘I love you’ he whispered and kissed my brow ‘thorns and all'” from ACOTAR.

There are so many people I would like to buy from and eventually I will. But these were my favorites so I bought them at the times I had the money for them! I’ll post more of the bookish things I get in the future!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve blighted bookish items! As well as other artists you think I would like! I’d really like to know! 
Evie Bookish’s pages: https://society6.com/evieseo