Books I Want to Read

Hey guys! So summer is done for me already and I’m back in school! And with school comes a few more months till the year is over. And I decided to share the books that I want to read by the end of the year both in a series and standalones. 

1.) Gathering Darkness by Morgan Rhodes, as well as Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes. I had planned to read it over the summer but never got around to it sadly. 

2.) Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. I’ve only read one short story by him and loved T so I definitely want to give this book a try!

3.) Across the Universe trilogy by Beth Revis which was also on my series summer list. 

4.)  Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen, along with Invasion of the Tearling also by Erika Johansen. 

5.) Fire Study as well as the rest of the series by Maria V Snyder. I love this series and I’m so sad I’m behind! 

6.) Nowhere but Here by Katie McGarry. I’ve never read any of her books and I have almost all of them I think. So I hope to dive into her stories soon before the year is over! I also have Pushing the Likits in this picture, since I also plan on diving into that series sometime soon as well. 

7.) Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepytes. She’s also an author I haven’t read before so I definitely want to check her work out. I have all of them so one day I’ll dive in as well!

8.) Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton. I honestly don’t know much about this book but all the reviews I’ve seen are very good! So it’s definitely high on my list! 

9.) All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I got this book at YallWest while meeting the author and sadly I haven’t read it yet. So hopefully next month or so! Fingers crossed!

10.) Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon is another on my list. I’ve been meaning to read this for a while now so hopefully I’ll be able to get to it soon rather than later. 

11.) Problem with Forever by Jnneifer L Armentrout. I read a lot by her but never her contemporary so hopefully I like this along with the others. 

12.) Beauty of Darkness by Mary E Pearson. I’ve read the first two and so I just hope I have a chance to dive into it so maybe next month as well!

13.) Stitching Snow series by R.C Lewis is one I plan on starting soon, since I’ve been in a mood for retellings lately! Reminds me of the Lunar Chronicles. 

14.) Next is This Savage Skmg by Victoria Schwab. I haven’t read anything by her but hopefully I fix that soon with this book! I got it in my Owlcrate and I’ve heard good things about it! Hoping I’ll enjoy it!

15.) Lastly is Ariatole and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz. Again I’ve heard so many amazing things about this book that I cannot wait to just jump into it and love it! 

Let me know in the comments what books you want to read before the year is over! I’d love to know! Have you read any of these books? Let me know why you thoughts in the comments as well! 


Audiobooks and School

I’ve done a audiobooks post before but now that school is back in session I felt the need to do another one! Mainly because this year I am now driving myself to campus which is an hour away! Gives me plenty of time to listen to books! 

I recently got back into audiobooks after months of not listening to them. I’ve so far plowed through The Dream Theives and I’m listening to Blue Lily, Lily Blue both by Maggie Stiefvater! The book being narrated by Will Patton! He is so good! Each character is done so well and I love listening to him! Since school is an hour away from me I end up listening to an hour going up and an hour going down! So I get a lot done during that time! Then when I get to school I read another book in physical form this time. Currently it is Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas! 

I’ll be linking sites on here for audiobook sites you can check out. My favorite is Scribd. I get one audiobook credit and three ebook credits each month. I think the price is 8.99$ a month so not too bad to me honestly. Since I wasn’t using it for a while I have a lot of credits saved up so I can’t wait to see what I’ll use them on! Hit me up with audiobook suggestions! I have the Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater on audio, same with Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. What else should I listen to? Let me know in the comments! 

Let me know as well if you use Scribd! Or Audible! Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks? Or is physical the only way for you? Comment below about it! 

The One


The One by Kiera Cass

Publisher: HarperTeen

Published: May 6th, 2014

Rating: 5/5

This being the third book in The Selection series, I cannot give much information on what goes on in this book. But it does take place again after the second book. And the stakes are so much higher in this book! After America is chosen for The Selection, you are taken on a whirlwind journey as she goes through the process.

As it was with the first two books, I was hooked and dragged through drama and some action! So many different things happened to people and I really loved it! I liked that this book wasn’t just all drama, it had other things happening. The characters were awesome, and well created. The writing was amazing and so well done, and the plot was awesome! While this book sort of dove into one of my least favorite tropes, I liked how it was executed and enjoyed it! I feel if it’s well done  then that’s when I like it and am able to dive into it! And this series is one of those cases where I really enjoyed how the author did it! *Having the girl chose between two guys even though it’s obvious who she loves more* Hope I haven’t said too much!

I am so glad that I decided to give it a chance! I have no regretted it since I picked up the first book and put down the third! I haven’t gotten farther than that, but I have purchased the novella bind-ups! Cannot wait to dive into those as well!

I liked Aspen a lot in this book! There were times that I really didn’t like him, and then it sort of turned around in this book. He was way more likable in it! Maxon was again his adorable self that I’ve liked throughout the series. He was even more adorable in this book to me honestly! They way he acts with America, and the other girls too. And with what happened in the end I felt so sad for him! When you read it and get there, you’ll understand! Once again America was frustrating yet so very strong. I went back and forth from wanting to shake America, to wanting to just hug her! Again if you read, you’ll understand!

I am honestly at a crossroad! I don’t know if I should continue with the fourth and fifth book since they are sort of like spin offs to the first 3! You’ll have to let me know in the comments if you suggest stopping or continuing! Also let me know if you’ve read this series and your thoughts! We can talk about it and what you thought of the ending!

The Elite


The Elite by Kiera Cass

Publisher: HarperTeen

Published: April 23, 2013

Rating: 5/5

The Elite by Kiera Cass is the second book in a book series about a young girl who is chosen for The Selection with 34 other girls, all looking to marry Prince Maxon. After the events of the first book, this sequel to it follows right after the events that took place afterwards. As I mentioned in my review for the first book, I was really hesitant to start this series, thinking that I wouldn’t enjoy it at all. It didn’t seem to be up my alley.

Boy was I wrong! I am obsessed with this book and the series! Even though I know what happens in the end, I kind of forgot about it all and got so absorbed in the drama that was going on! I flew through this book, finishing it in about 5 hours and instantly starting the last one! I liked the different girls that were with her, even though one of them was such a b*&%h! But they were so interesting, and made the story so much were fun to read!

America was so frustrating, but also such an amazing character. She is a very strong person, and was always doing her best to help the people that meant the most to her. I also liked that she was standing up for others who couldn’t do it themselves. She didn’t go with the flow like the other girls were. I didn’t like her indecisiveness, at times it was really frustrating for me, because even though I knew the ending; I knew who she really cared the most for! It was a bit obvious if you really looked at what she was saying and feeling.

I adored Maxon! He was so cute, and so sweet! I really enjoyed him and his character! He had such a drastic growth in this book if I say so myself. He really expanded himself, and it was cool to see him care about other things than what he seemed to before. Seriously swooned with him!

But still! I loved that this book could really suck me in, that I was so hooked that I just wanted to finish so I could read the next book! Which I did! And finished a few hours after starting it!

Overall a fun book to read and a fun series! Highly recommend!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read this series and your thoughts! I’d love to talk about it!


Beyond the Surf


Beyond the Surf by H W Neild

Publisher: Henry Neild

Published: March 11, 2016

Rating: 3.75/5
Beyond the Surf is a story of a kite surfer named Katy and her boyfriend Steve. She goes to St Martinez Islands in an all expenses paid trip to promote tourism and break her record, and from there her adventure begins. 

First off, it was a pretty fast paced book. Lots happened to keep you interested and while it could be a bit confusing you still got the jist of it. I enjoyed the plot, the different things going on, and overall I felt it ended very well. It was a very well balanced book. The characters were interesting, I liked reading into them even though Steve really annoyed me. When you read it and you read about Steve, you kind of understand. I felt for him but after a while I was like “yeah no I don’t feel bad for you anymore”. 

Katy was an interesting character, she was a good person, I loved reading about her interest in kitesurfing. You could really feel her passion for it as you read the parts where she surfed. It’s always cool reading about someone’s passion, it shows such a different side of them. I also loved her development as the story went on. It took place over a few days then a few weeks but as a person she grew up! I liked that about his portrayal of her. 

Omar was another interesting person. From one perspective he was a good guy, from another he was a bad guy. To me he was a bit complex, and I enjoyed reading from his perspective. I also liked reading his story and background. He was probably my favorite character in this book, since I enjoyed his parts so much. 

Again overall a solid book and a solid read. Recommend to anyone interested! The plot was good, it gave you mystery, it gave you sports, and it gave your drama! The writing was well done, and it was fast paced from start to finish! I’ll leave links to the website, as well as the Amazon page if you’d like to check it out and get a copy for yourself! 

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read this book and your thoughts! 

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Zac & Mia


Zac & Mia by A.J Betts

Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers

Published: September 2, 2014

Rating: 5/5

Zac & Mia is about a girl and a boy who met at a hospital when the girl named Mia comes in with cancer in the room next to a guy named Zac who has Leukemia.

I read the Fault of the Stars by John Green two years ago I believe, and while I enjoyed it I wasn’t a huge fan of it. But this one really blew me away! I got so absorbed with the characters and the plot, and the writing was really beautiful!

This book was told in alternating POV’s between Zac and Mia. Zac was the more calmer out of the two and I really adored him! I felt he was such a good guy, and his character was so positive in hard times of this life, as well as very caring towards people. Especially Mia. I loved his interactions with her throughout this book.

Mia was such a complex character as well. She was such a teenage girl, it was so great to see that. I feel like sometimes authors like to make girls in that situation these perfect people and sometimes they aren’t. They should be shown at times as human beings, girls with feelings and insecurities. I loved seeing that about Mia. She felt real to me, like I could relate to her. 

Overall this story was so sweet, I loved everything about it. The ending just filled me with so much love! And made me want more so I can see what happens next! I highly recommend this book to anyone! You’ll fall in love! 

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read this book, as well as your thoughts on it! I’d really like to know! 

Book Birthday: Insidious by Catherine Coulter



I want to wish a very happy book birthday to Catherine Couler’s FBI thriller Insidious! Following FBI agents Savich and Sherlock, they have to find out who is trying to murder Venus Rasmussen. Venus is a wealthy, and powerful icon in society, and while trying to protect her they learn there is danger closer than they expected.

After Venus Rasmussen believes she is being poisoned, and was almost shot, Savich and Sherlock have to uncover the mystery and find out who is targeting her.

The story also follows Special Agent Cam Wittier who leaves for Los Angeles from Washington to hunt down the Scarlet Slasher, a villain who so far has cut the throats of five young actresses.

I’m so excited to dive into this book! I read something similar when I read Marked for Life earlier this summer, and I hope to really enjoy this book as much as that one! FBI books are one of my favorite thriller/mystery books to dive into.

There are many places to check this book out, so I’ll leave a few down below as well as her websites to check her out!

Let me know in the comments if you’re as interested as I am to check this book out!



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The Sleeper and the Spindle


The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Chris Riddell

Publisher: Bloomsbury 

Published: October 23, 2014

Rating: 5/5

The Sleeper and the Spindle is a short story or fairy tale type book based on Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. The main character is a queen about to get married and goes off to save a princess locked in a tower. 

First of all, I love this story. The writing was beautiful, and paired up with the drawings, it was a magical experience. The illustrations are stunning, and so very well done. I felt they added so much to the story and the overall experience of it. I feel that these two paired up are a match made in heaven. Based on the books Neil Gaiman writes, I feel that Chris’ style fits well with it. They both do sort of creepy-ish work. 

Neil’s writing as per usual was amazing. He is such a brilliant writer that I can’t help but become hooked right away. He always has such interesting plots, and I loved the direction this story took place as well as what it was based on. 

Since the book is only like 50 or so pages there isn’t much else to review on but overall if you find that this book interests you, I definitely recommend giving this a shot. It’s something I really feel many people will enjoy. 

Let me know down in the comments if you e read this story and your thoughts on it! I’d love to know your feelings on the art and the book overall! 

The Keeper

The Keeper Cover

The Keeper by Rebecca E. Neely

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Published: April 27, 2016

Rating: 4.5/5
I was sent a copy for review by the author and this does not affect my rating on this book. 

The Keeper is the first in a series about a girl named Libby, an account dealing with tough emotions meets Nick Geary, who has secrets that could really rock her world. It brings different characters such as Betrayers, Watchers, and Keepers. 

I really enjoyed this book. Once I started I couldn’t get enough of it and powered through it. Had I not had Comic Con I probably would have finished in a day or two. 

The characters were well developed, the plot line was fun and interesting, and the writing was super well done. My only complaint is that the romance happened a bit too fast for me. But I did enjoy the romance that bloomed in the story. It was really cute, and I liked where everything went. 

Libby was someone who wasn’t perfect. And I think I really enjoyed that about her. She suffers from panic and anxiety and that’s something you don’t see very often in characters, or it isn’t portrayed like it is in this book. I know that’s not specific but in order to avoid spoilers I can’t say too much! But I really enjoyed her character, her personality, and her strength throughout this book. 

Nick was….he’s just such a cutie. I loved him! He was an interesting character that you really wanted to know more about! His family was awesome too, and I loved their dynamic. It had such a family vibe that you also don’t tend to see in books as well. It’s always great when the family has a bigger part than normally seen in other novels. 

I hope in the next book we can read more about the Watchers, since I really liked reading about them, and we only really got a small bit of them in this book. I think overall the system of this book was interesting to read about, and was totally new to me. I loved diving into this world, and I cannot wait to see what the author has to write next!

Highly recommend this book!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read this book and your thoughts on it! I’d really love to know! 

July Wrap Up


I’m very proud of myself! I read way more than I thought I as going to with Comic Con going on this month as well as work picking back up. I read 10 books this month. I won’t take too long up here since I have plenty to talk about.

The first book to talk about is A Court of Mist and Fury by the amazing Sarah J Maas. Probably one of my all time favorite books. Definitely top 3. I loved the story, the characters, the direction everything went, and it was so amazing to get immersed in this world again. For those that don’t know, ACOMAF follows the events that took place in ACOTAR, a high fantasy series about a girl named Feyre who ends up in the Spring Court after killing a member of their court. Loved this book from start to finish, and it really changed everything up! Obviously its a 5/5 for me!

Next is The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell. It is a sort of combination of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Loved this book as well, and the illustrations were top notch! They definitely added to the feel of this book, as well as my enjoyment of it. I know they have worked together before, and I really hope to check their work more in the future. 5/5 as well.

Up next is Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick. This was actually my first work of hers that I read. I hadn’t gotten into the Hush, Hush series, but maybe in the future I will try it out. This was about a girl who plans a hiking trip with her best friend and ex-boyfriend, and it goes south when she is taken hostage by two men. This book was just filled with twists and turns all over the place! I would think one thing then the opposite would happen! It was crazy and I loved every moment if this book! Another 5/5 for me!

I next read Zac & Mia by A.J Betts. It follows a boy named Zac who is the hospital with leukemia, who meets a girl named Mia who also has cancer. I felt this was such a beautiful story, about two teenagers who had real problems and faced things a normal person would do. It seemed really believable and I found myself really getting emotionally attached to them both. I almost didn’t want it to end as fast as it did, but I also really loved how it ended and where it did. No surprise this one was 5/5.

I also read the first three books in the selection series: The Selection, The Elite, and The One, all by Keira Cass. I was very surprised that I got as attached to these characters, the plot, and the story as I did. It was compared to the Bachelor for Young Adults, and that immediately turned me off of reading it, since I hate the Bachelor tv show. But I sucked it up and was like, don’t judge a book by it’s tv show comparison. And that decision really worked in my favorite. I loved this series, and while I knew who the main character would end up with, I really felt tense and excited over everything going on! It was really just a fun series to dive into. All were 5/5 for me.

Girl, Stolen by April Henry is another book I read. It follows a story of a girl who was sick, and is blind, who gets kidnapped when someone steals the car she’s in. It was a really short book, and it kind of ended way to fast for my tastes. While things felt resolved, they honestly weren’t all the way solved. It left me feeling like it just ended, that there was something that should have happened but nothing did. I loved the concept of the story, and the characters were interesting to read about. And had she ended differently, it would have been a 5 star book for me. It was a solid book, and I really enjoyed it, but it could have been ended better. Overall good book!

I read another April Henry book, The Night She Disappeared. It was about a town reeling after a girl was kidnapped by mistake, when she was mistaken for someone else. Another 4/5 for me, and while this one ended well enough, I didn’t love it as much as the other book, or enough to give it more than 4 stars. But I liked it, and I loved the idea of seeing the story from other people’s points of a view, and with how they were dealing with what happened. It brought an interesting take on a story like this. It was a solid read as well, and overall I’d recommend it others. She writes such tiny books, and it amazes me what she is about to get out in those few pages she writes. Definitely check out her work, it’s really interesting to read!

Dark Ages by Felix O Hartmann is another I read, and was sent a physical copy by the author for a honest review. If you want my full review you can check my review on this blog. But a really good review for a new author. And I loved the dystopian old world vibe this book gave out. The setting was unique, the world building was great, and the characters were interesting. I saw that a lot, but they really had me interested in reading more about them, and wanting to know their back stories. Highly recommend this book, you should definitely give it a chance, you really will enjoy it. I gave it a 4/5 stars.

And those are the books I read this month! Let me know in the comments what books you ended up reading and what you thought about them! I’d really be interested in knowing! Hope this month gives you many many read books!