Book Birthday: Insidious by Catherine Coulter



I want to wish a very happy book birthday to Catherine Couler’s FBI thriller Insidious! Following FBI agents Savich and Sherlock, they have to find out who is trying to murder Venus Rasmussen. Venus is a wealthy, and powerful icon in society, and while trying to protect her they learn there is danger closer than they expected.

After Venus Rasmussen believes she is being poisoned, and was almost shot, Savich and Sherlock have to uncover the mystery and find out who is targeting her.

The story also follows Special Agent Cam Wittier who leaves for Los Angeles from Washington to hunt down the Scarlet Slasher, a villain who so far has cut the throats of five young actresses.

I’m so excited to dive into this book! I read something similar when I read Marked for Life earlier this summer, and I hope to really enjoy this book as much as that one! FBI books are one of my favorite thriller/mystery books to dive into.

There are many places to check this book out, so I’ll leave a few down below as well as her websites to check her out!

Let me know in the comments if you’re as interested as I am to check this book out!



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