Beyond the Surf


Beyond the Surf by H W Neild

Publisher: Henry Neild

Published: March 11, 2016

Rating: 3.75/5
Beyond the Surf is a story of a kite surfer named Katy and her boyfriend Steve. She goes to St Martinez Islands in an all expenses paid trip to promote tourism and break her record, and from there her adventure begins. 

First off, it was a pretty fast paced book. Lots happened to keep you interested and while it could be a bit confusing you still got the jist of it. I enjoyed the plot, the different things going on, and overall I felt it ended very well. It was a very well balanced book. The characters were interesting, I liked reading into them even though Steve really annoyed me. When you read it and you read about Steve, you kind of understand. I felt for him but after a while I was like “yeah no I don’t feel bad for you anymore”. 

Katy was an interesting character, she was a good person, I loved reading about her interest in kitesurfing. You could really feel her passion for it as you read the parts where she surfed. It’s always cool reading about someone’s passion, it shows such a different side of them. I also loved her development as the story went on. It took place over a few days then a few weeks but as a person she grew up! I liked that about his portrayal of her. 

Omar was another interesting person. From one perspective he was a good guy, from another he was a bad guy. To me he was a bit complex, and I enjoyed reading from his perspective. I also liked reading his story and background. He was probably my favorite character in this book, since I enjoyed his parts so much. 

Again overall a solid book and a solid read. Recommend to anyone interested! The plot was good, it gave you mystery, it gave you sports, and it gave your drama! The writing was well done, and it was fast paced from start to finish! I’ll leave links to the website, as well as the Amazon page if you’d like to check it out and get a copy for yourself! 

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read this book and your thoughts! 

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