Mostly Human


Mostly Human by D.I. Jolly

Publisher: Tinpot Publishing

Published: July 4, 2016

Rating: 3.5/5

Mostly Human is the story of a world famous rock star named Alex Harris, and the secret he and his family are hiding about a strange condition they all have. I honestly haven’t read much rock star novels, so this novel definitely stood out to me as being different.

I notice that in many YA novels, following through all the different genres, there is never really a big emphasis on family most of the time. So I really liked that this novel really showcased his relationship with his family and especially his sister. His family really would gather together to try and solve an issue as a family, rather than the main character having to do everything by himself. So I really liked that, because that really is what many families do for each other.

Alex Harris, the main character, is 10 years old when he is bit by a wolf, and ends up sprouting fur to transform into a huge wolf. Overall this was a nicely done werewolf story. I honestly haven’t read many werewolf novels that I really enjoy, but this one I really enjoyed it. Tieing this back into the family theme, when he transforms, his family has their freak out, but then pulls themselves together in order to be the support system Alex needs.

Going along with Alex, I really enjoyed reading about his sister Annabel, and I really wish that we got more of her character during the novel. She was probably one of my favorites during the story. The other characters present in the story were interesting as well, so I really felt that Jolly created amazing characters, so I look forward to seeing what other characters he creates in his future novels.

I think one of my only complaints with the book is that the point of views switched a bit much for me in each chapter. I would sometimes get confused when it switched so much. Another thing is that the events would repeat themselves from the different point of views so it would get a little frustrating when I would want to move on with the plot and I felt they were stalled at times.

Overall I enjoyed this book, and I hope it continues on with more books I would definitely recommend this book for those who are very much interested in fantasy characters like werewolves, this is definitely the novel for you!

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the novel, and if you’ve read it as I would love to know!

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