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Sparks of Light


Sparks of Light by Janet B. Taylor

Publisher: HMH Kids

Published: August 1, 2017

Rating: 5/5

Sparks of Light is the sequel to Into the Dim, which is a time travel series about a girl named Hope who after the events in the first book, is living her life with her family, friends, and her maybe boyfriend. She is now a Viator, a time traveling crew, and when the rival time travelers work up a plan to steal Nikola Tesla’s device they race to beat them to it. They have to navigate the Gilded Age of New York City, and they find out high society can be as deadly as it can be beautiful.

I loved the first book, I thought it was such a great story and I was actually quite nervous that the sequel wasn’t going to be as good, because sometimes the sequel is really hit or miss for me. I honestly think that this book was even better than the first! The action and mystery in this book were just so amazing! There were moments where I just flew through, and some parts had me on the edge of my seat. Mainly the part in the hospital, and when you read you’ll know why! Just wow! That whole scene was intense!

I also enjoyed that the author adds so many historical aspects to this book. Nikola Tesla is in this novel, and also a famous doctor who plays a special part in his scenes! She makes the history aspects just so fun to learn about. Whenever I read her books I tend to just want to watch the history channel, or take another history class! I’m always itching to learn!

I really appreciated Hope’s character in this series! She is a powerhouse! She might not be the strongest person physically, but she uses her mind to her advantage! Her mind is basically her weapon, and she never backs down from a challenge to help other people! Her little romance was really cute too, but again it wasn’t the focus of the story. And after the reveal about her and Bran, I liked getting to see her memories and know more about her backstory, as it is really interesting!

Bran again is adorable and a cutie! His backstory is one of my favorite parts of the novel, mainly because of his connection to our main character.

The little snippets were sweet, and I hope we get more in the future, though this novel really gave us a good picture of them.

I also think that Janet’s writing is just amazing, and it flows so well! I never feel disjointed, and it really just sucks you in and pulls you along for the story! I really hope there is more of this story planned for the future because I just love it and I just can’t wait to see what else Janet brings forward in the upcoming future in her writing career!

Overall I highly recommend this story if you’re looking for a fun, fast-paced adventure! The history is fascinating, the plot is so fun and thrilling, and the characters are so interesting! There are so many twists and turns that I just loved and felt that they added so much to the story flow and plot line. You’ll fall in love let me tell you!

Thank you HMH for the ARC of this novel! I really appreciate you sending it to me!

Let me know in the comments your thoughts and hopes for this novel as I would love to know!


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Book Haul

Hey everyone! I’m so so sorry I haven’t posted in a few days! I have just been so busy because schools almost over for the semester so I have projects due and other things going on with classes. I’m just so ready for summer. 

But I hope to have some reviews posted this week, as well as some other posts! 

So here’s a quick book haul of stuff I got today since my one class today was cancelled. I did get time to type up some reviews so keep an eye out! 

I got four books from Barnes and Nobles. 

The first is Ego Maniac by Vi Keeland which is about a guy and a girl sharing office space or something. It’s a romance novel so I’m assuming there’s steamy goodness! 

The next is Off the Ice by Julie Cross which is a hockey romance I believe! I’m super excited because I love sports romances! 

The last two are part of a series. They’re the first and second books of the Need You series by Lorelia James. I thought they were hockey romances but apparently the third book is. The first book What You Need is about a CFO and his secretary! The second book Just What I Needed is about a girl who kisses a random guy at a club and he pursues her. 

I’ll try and do another book haul soon since I have books coming in the mail and books I got already this month! Stay tuned for those!! 

Let me know in the comments some books you got this week! Also if you have any romance recommendations I’d love to have them! 

Thanks for reading! 

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The Traitor’s Kiss


The Traitor’s Kiss by Erin Beaty

Publisher: Imprint

Published: May 9, 2017

Rating: 5/5

The Traitor’s Kiss is about a young girl named Sage and her job as a matchmakers apprentice. She is sent to her at first to be matched, and when that goes wrong she takes a job helping her out. Now that there is a ceremony for future hopefuls to be matched she is given the task of watching over the girls and learning what each girl likes. When unrest develops, Sage teams up with a soldier to gather information. And it takes off from there…

I really enjoyed this book! It had a Mulan feeling to it with the matchmaker situation, and a character acting as someone they aren’t. I was sucked into the story from the get-go. The characters were pretty interesting, The semi political atmosphere was fun to read about as well. I would have liked to have had more world building, but I hope future books in this trilogy will have that.

Sage is orphaned when her father dies and is taken in by her uncle, and she has a passion for teaching. I really loved reading about her love of teaching, especially when she started teaching Ash. It was something that stayed with her throughout the entire novel and I think it added a little bit of charm to her character because she came across as pretty tough and closed off.

I think my favorite part about her though is that she’s extremely feisty and sharp! I always think that female main characters that are like that always just add a really good humor factor and I can’t help but feel that they are kick-butt. I lastly loved her ventures in espionage and it was such a fun ride to read about that.

And then we have Ash….He is just-gah! I just adore him! He’s an interesting character let me tell you, I honestly didn’t expect what came up with him and it added such a wow! factor to it.

Going on about twists and turns, I just…. wow! It was so interesting and threw me for a loop! It’s like everything changed… i’m definitely not explaining this very well am I?

Basically secrets are revealed and everything you thought you knew during the story aren’t true anymore.

And you meet Charlie and he is just a precious angel for this world! That’s all I’m really going to say about him because there’s just things that are best kept quiet until you get to them yourself.

The romance was fun and kind of cute; the many many characters were cool; The twists and turns really added to the plot and the experience; the world was pretty interesting; and I really enjoyed the writing. 

Highly recommend this book! Was so much fun! 

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Into the Dim


Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor

Publisher: HMH Books

Published: March 1, 2016

Rating: 5/5

Into the Dim is about a girl named Hope Walton. She is in the process of grieving for her mother who was killed in a natural disaster, and is sent to spend time with her aunt. Upon meeting her aunt she finds out her mother might actually be alive… somewhere in the twelfth century. She learns that her mother is part of a secret group of time travelers and to help her mother, she must travel back in time to save her with a window of only 3 days. 

I thought this story was so cool! I love history, and so I liked that this story included real historical figures. The plot was interesting, the characters were interesting, and overall I had such a fun time reading this book! It felt like Outlander for YA readers but instead of rock formations they travel through a machine. It was a science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction adventure novel and I loved how it just took you on such a wild ride! There was even elements of mystery! 

And those twists! Wow!! Let me tell you! 



I couldn’t put it down! 

She did not hold back on her secrets and twists and that totally worked in her favor! 

I just want so much more of this world and literally right after I finished this book I dove into the sequel! And that was even better!! 

Hope was so amazing! I loved how smart she was, how even though she wasn’t good with weapons she used her mind as a weapon! She really showed that everyone has a purpose on missions like that! It was interesting reading about her past, and reading her backstory with a certain character. I thought that was just amazing! I didn’t expect it and it just blew my mind!!

I just felt the characters were so well rounded and interesting to read about that I wanted to learn more about them and their story. I think besides Hope, Bran was a favorite of mine. And Collin. He was cool too! 

If you love a good time travel story, or a fantasy/science fiction novel I highly recommend this book for you! You’ll love it! It’s fun and interesting and keeps you interested the entire novel! Definitely go check it out! 

Let me know down below if you’ve read this book and your thoughts as I would love to know! 

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Currently Reading 

Hey guys…so I had two books planned for the Tome Topple Readathon and plans kinda changed. Mainly because I got this chunker in the mail 

This is The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. It’s 1,005 pages long. 

So I decided to use this as my book for the two week readathon. I highly doubt I’ll finish it in two weeks but I wanna at least get half way! 

That seems realistic right??? 

So I plan on starting this this weekend, and I’m also reading two other things. One isn’t pictured in the photo below. 

I’m reading Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios, starting The Way of Kings this weekend, and I’m also going to reread ACOTAR in preparation for ACOWAR. Once I’m finished with this I’ll start ACOMAF and then ACOWAR! So freaking excited!!! 

What are you currently reading? Let me know in the comments! 

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Tome Topple Readathon

Hi guys!

I’m here to talk about the Tome Topple Readathon that is happening!

This will be my first time participating in it so I’m super excited! If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a readathon for reading books over 500 pages! This does not include bind ups unless it’s for a graphic novel. It’s not about reading as many tomes as you can, but mainly to help you start to read those larger books you own but haven’t read yet.

It takes place now (midnight April 7th)-11:59pm April 20th!

I’ll list the challenges and what I plan on reading for this one down below.

So there are 5 challenges for this readathon:

  1. Read more than 1 tome
  2. Read a graphic novel (graphic novel bindups count)
  3. Read a tome that is part of a series
  4. Buddy read a tome
  5. Read an adult novel

So I have 2 planned to read and I may add more if I think I can do it.

The first book I want to read is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


I don’t think I’ll leave a long synopsis since basically everyone knows what this book is about. It follows Claire as she is trust back into 18th Century Scotland and meets Jamie Fraser. I read it a while ago and I honestly don’t remember much about it. I got my current info about the show from the show! So I want to reread it and get back into this series!

Lastly I want to read The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson (finally).

01 final empire

This one I honestly don’t know much about and I kind of want to go into it blind so I might not add much here. I just know it’s set in a dystopian setting and a girl named Vin joins this group after finding out she’s a Mistborn!

I’ll update you during the Readathon and give you my wrap up at the end of the readathon!

Let me know in the comments what you plan on reading for the readathon as I would love to know! Also if you have recommendations let me know as well!

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Royal Bond

Royal Bond by Megan Maldonado

Published: June 8th, 2015

Rating: 3/5

Royal Bond is a story about a girl named Sydney and her best friend Ryan. She and Ryan are polar opposites in terms of status. Ryan is uber rich, and Sydney is definitely not. Having been best friends for years, Sydney is suddenly faced with the fact that Ryan is not all that he seems.

So I will state that this review was originally a 2.5/5 because that ending just annoyed me so much. I was literally so mad.

More on that later on.

This review might have some slight spoilers but I will try and keep them out of this review for the most part!

You’re introduced to Sydney and Ryan and I honestly adored their friendship. He was there for her all the time, and was always trying to help her out. Sydney was a good character, but at times I would get a bit frustrated with her and her attitude at times. I mean some parts were understandable, but I still had moments where I was like “oh come on now!” I did like her though most of the time. Ryan was also a pretty good character, but again he did stupid stuff and I just got tired of it after a while.

Overall they were decent characters that were flawed and did stupid things, that for the most part you could ignore; then it would get to the point where you just wanted to move on from that.

I hope that makes sense!

The fantasy elements were awesome in this story though. I think they really made up for the moments when I would get frustrated. There were people in the book that had powers based on the elements, and were separated into kingdoms. I loved that aspect of the story! I love powers based on the elements and so I really enjoyed getting to know this magic system! I wish we got more of it. I felt that for almost half of the book the magic wasn’t included, and I just wanted more of it rather than all the drama.

And drama there was. Bitchy girlfriends, douchey ex-boyfriends, a new man involved, a mother who was undergoing a breakdown, magic kingdom drama. I think that after awhile I was just over it and wanted more magic. I think the mother part was interesting,  reading about how the mother was somehow involved but not really because of her mental state. That was crazy to me, and one of the better dramatic moments.

I finally got into the groove of the novel and then the ending happened. The last chapter or two was just so confusing! That’s when my love for the novel really went downhill. Suddenly this crazy event with Ryan happened, and I was like wait what happened?? Then that drama spun in a completely different direction; then the novel ended!! I was like are you kidding me?! That’s it?!

I was pissed!

It wasn’t like it ended on a cliffhanger and you were dying to read the next novel. It was more like this big thing happened, and you just ended the novel and nothing made sense. I mean I know they sound similar, but they sure as heck didn’t feel similar. I just…I did not like where she ended this novel. The scene she ended on was just a cop out. I just wish she had done that ending two chapters better.

Overall I liked the novel, minus the ending and the never ending drama. If you’re into drama filled novels I think you would enjoy this. I don’t know if I’ll be continuing with this series. I really just don’t know. I guess we shall see!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read this novel and your thoughts as I would love to know!