The Traitor’s Kiss


The Traitor’s Kiss by Erin Beaty

Publisher: Imprint

Published: May 9, 2017

Rating: 5/5

The Traitor’s Kiss is about a young girl named Sage and her job as a matchmakers apprentice. She is sent to her at first to be matched, and when that goes wrong she takes a job helping her out. Now that there is a ceremony for future hopefuls to be matched she is given the task of watching over the girls and learning what each girl likes. When unrest develops, Sage teams up with a soldier to gather information. And it takes off from there…

I really enjoyed this book! It had a Mulan feeling to it with the matchmaker situation, and a character acting as someone they aren’t. I was sucked into the story from the get-go. The characters were pretty interesting, The semi political atmosphere was fun to read about as well. I would have liked to have had more world building, but I hope future books in this trilogy will have that.

Sage is orphaned when her father dies and is taken in by her uncle, and she has a passion for teaching. I really loved reading about her love of teaching, especially when she started teaching Ash. It was something that stayed with her throughout the entire novel and I think it added a little bit of charm to her character because she came across as pretty tough and closed off.

I think my favorite part about her though is that she’s extremely feisty and sharp! I always think that female main characters that are like that always just add a really good humor factor and I can’t help but feel that they are kick-butt. I lastly loved her ventures in espionage and it was such a fun ride to read about that.

And then we have Ash….He is just-gah! I just adore him! He’s an interesting character let me tell you, I honestly didn’t expect what came up with him and it added such a wow! factor to it.

Going on about twists and turns, I just…. wow! It was so interesting and threw me for a loop! It’s like everything changed… i’m definitely not explaining this very well am I?

Basically secrets are revealed and everything you thought you knew during the story aren’t true anymore.

And you meet Charlie and he is just a precious angel for this world! That’s all I’m really going to say about him because there’s just things that are best kept quiet until you get to them yourself.

The romance was fun and kind of cute; the many many characters were cool; The twists and turns really added to the plot and the experience; the world was pretty interesting; and I really enjoyed the writing. 

Highly recommend this book! Was so much fun! 


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