Nahia-Patricia Bossano


Nahia by Patricia Bossano

Publisher: Waterbearer Press

Rating: 3/5

So Nahia is the third installment in a fairy series but can be read as a standalone; so I picked this one up first and I’ll check out the second and first as well!

Here is a summary for you all:

She looks like a maiden of eighteen (acts like one too) but the Faery Nahia is sixty-seven when her future husband, a human, is born. 

Twenty-eight years pass before Anahi a sees him and follows her heart – she hides her true identity from him, she forsakes her home, and joins the human family she had promised long ago to watch over and keep from harm. 

Shortly after a daughter is born, Nahia’s true identity is discovered and she returns to the realm troubled by her blunder; she has changed the family’s genetic footprint. 

Chastised and with no hope of renewing the ties, Nahia watches from afar and becomes the silent giver of cradle gifts to new generations of shared descendants.

When the Faery Queen and the Keeper of the Forest, whose magic sustains the Faery dimension, are slain, the realm plunges into a dormant state.

To save her home, Nahia must obey her mother’s final instructions; perform the awakening ritual, become the new Faery Queen, and provide a vessel of royal descent for the keeper of the forest to inhabit. 

Trouble is, the royal descendant is also a baby girl she promised long ago to never harm. 

This book was so much fun! I really enjoyed it and the fantasy elements that were included in here as well! She is such a real person I feel like, because she really struggled with what her heart wanted and what was best for her family.

I also loved the conflict between the human and faery realms, I felt it added action and really drove the story along well! I think this mainly stems from me really loving action novels and my love for fantasy.

While there was definitely conflict with the faery realm having to fight for their lives, I did love that the themes of family, and trying to choose between what you want and what is ultimately good for everyone were still present throughout the story.

I did have issues with the time jumps because I feel like I missed so much at one point. A girl in a chapter goes from being a baby to a young girl and I wish I could have seen her grow and stuff. But I did appreciate being told the certain time jumps before each chapter because it did help me out but again I just felt they could be a bit abrupt.

But overall I really enjoyed Patricia’s writing, her storylines were engaging, and the world was just fascinating and so beautiful to read about! I’ll be posting my reviews for the first two books and I highly suggest checking out her books! I really think if you like fantasy and faeries, you’ll really come to love this book!

Thank you to the publisher for sending me this book to read and review! I definitely appreciate it!


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