Weekend Reads

Hey everyone! I’m here with another Weekend Reads! I don’t have many plans besides work and some homework so maybe I’ll be able to fit in some reading!

Here’s the plan. I really plan on finishing one book for sure. I also want to get some progress in some other books I’m reading or want to read.

Also I need to start my Tome Topple book since it starts today!

But anyways I want to finish A Skinful of Shadows. That is my priority book for this weekend! If I finish any book this weekend I want it to be this one.


I also plan on getting hopefully halfway through The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson, which is the book I plan on reading for the Tome Topple. I want to at least get like 300 pages in at the most! Here’s hoping that I do!

01 final empire

I notice that I have ambitious TBR goals and I think maybe I should start cutting down on that because I always get upset at myself when I never complete them. So maybe one or two books a weekend is good, and then three books a week.

We’ll see how long I stick with that because I don’t want to be so ambitious when I know I have work and homework to worry about!!


Those are my weekend reading plans! Let me know if you have specific reading plans or just regular plans for the weekend and I’ll see you in my next post!





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