Cutting Down my TBR

Hey everyone! So I’m here with a post about how I’m cutting out some books from my physical TBR pile.

It’s mainly on the fact that I have so many books to read and I have a few that I’ve had for so many years or so and just don’t want to read them anymore or I have too many and I want to cut down on some of them.

It’s not to say that I don’t want to read most of them.

Because I do!

But some of them I would rather listen to on audiobook or read on my kindle. I’d rather use my bookshelves for books I’m really wanting to read and keep. And I plan to use my kindle for review books and books I want to read but don’t mind reading an ebook of.

I think the main books I’m getting rid of are YA contemporary. I’m obsessed with New Adult and Adult romances but I’m not too crazy about YA contemporary. It’s not to say that I don’t like Young Adult anymore. I do! I just don’t care too much anymore for YA contemporary like I do fantasy and science fiction. There are some I plan on keeping mainly because they are the ones I really want to read, but most of my YA contemporary I plan on getting rid of.

There are a few that I really think I’ll like and I’ll buy in the future but I mainly plan on not buying too many Young Adult contemporary in the future in physical form. I just want to binge my trashy romance books!

Also just seeing how many books I have to read on my shelves is stressing me out and I just want them to be full of books that I know I want to read and that I know I’ll enjoy. I just feel bad that I have so many on there that I might not read at all so I plan to give them to people who will actually pick it up faster than I will.

I think that’s why I love listening to audiobooks. Mainly because it helps me get to those books faster since I have such long drives to work and school every week!

*TBH the main reason I’m getting rid of books I might not get to is because I broke my book buying ban since there were so many book sales going on because of the holidays that I couldn’t help myself and bought a lot of books I really want to read. Need the space for them ya know!!*

I mainly got inspired for this idea by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes on youtube since she cut down on some of her books recently and posted a video about it. It kind of caused me to look around my shelves and see that I had books that I would rather not keep because of the reasons mentioned above.

granted I didn’t get rid of too many since my physical TBR pile is like almost 200 books but it helped narrow it down to books I know I will be reading soon!

I think that I’ll be donating them to my local used bookstore for someone else to buy!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve done something like this before and how it made you feel! I’d love to know! How many books do you have now on your TBR? I believe if I got specific it’d be like 228 books on my TBR. Mainly because I have so many mass market paperbacks in my collection!



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