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TBR Jar Picks: Top 12 Newly Acquired Books to Read in 2019

Hey everyone!

So a while back I mentioned that I was planning on reading 12 books through out the year that I had on my shelves for a long time! And this time I’m adding to that and planning on reading the books I’ve had on my shelves the least!

I feel like I’ve added so many awesome books to my shelves and I haven’t really gotten around to them. So I want to change that and make them a priority as well!

So it’s going to be a little weird because some of the books might have been published a while back but they are new to my shelves so I’m adding it to this list because if they’re new to my shelves I want to make sure I read them!

So here is the list!

These are the most recent ones from subscription boxes:

Older books:

Other books:

And those are the books I hope to read this year that have been on my shelves the least amount of time! I’m super excited because these all sound sooooo good! I cannot wait to read them all!

Have you read any of these?? Let me know!


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