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Weekly Reads TBR & Wrap Up

Hey everyone! I’m almost done with the semester! Which is why I haven’t been updating on here much! I am trying to finish all the work I need to get done for this semester so I am spending all my time working on that and such before I have to do anything on here. I got a bit behind during the semester so I am working on catching up!

But while doing my work I get the chance to listen to audiobooks so I am reading a lot of those currently!

But I am here to quickly update you all on what I am reading and what I read and what I want to read this week! It’ll be quick since I have to go to bed to get up early and start homework early tomorrow morning!

Wrap Up:

Currently Reading:



and yeah! those are my reading plans! Let me know what your reading plans are! And thank you for being so patient with me! This semester is almost over thank God!


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