Only A Breath Away Cover Reveal



Would you dare to defy destiny? Are our destinies written in stone? Do we become nothing more than the self-fulfilling prophesies of other people’s opinions? Or can we dare to become who we believe we were born to be?


“A gorgeous, heartfelt journey of redemption and love” (Wendy Higgins), ONLY A BREATH APART is a young adult contemporary novel from critically acclaimed Katie McGarry. “Haunting, authentic, and ultimately hopeful” (Tammara Webber), ONLY A BREATH APART will be available on all retailers on January 22, 2019!




Jesse dreams of working the land that’s been in his family forever. But he’s cursed to lose everything he loves most.

Scarlett is desperate to escape her “charmed” life. But leaving a small town is easier said than done.

Despite their history of heartbreak, when Jesse sees a way they can work together to each get what they want, Scarlett can’t say no.Each midnight meeting between Jesse and Scarlett will push them to confront their secrets and their feelings for each other.


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Gritty and real, Only a Breath Apart is a story of hope conjured from pain, strength drawn from innocence, and love earned from self-respect. Beautiful, poignant, and fierce.”
―Kristen Simmons, critically acclaimed author of the Article 5 series



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Katie McGarry Bio:

Katie McGarry was a teenager during the age of grunge and boy bands and remembers those years as the best and worst of her life. She is a lover of music, happy endings, reality television, and is a secret University of Kentucky basketball fan.

Katie is the author of full length YA novels, PUSHING THE LIMITS, DARE YOU TO, CRASH INTO YOU, TAKE ME ON, BREAKING THE RULES, and NOWHERE BUT HERE and the e-novellas, CROSSING THE LINE and RED AT NIGHT. Her debut YA novel, PUSHING THE LIMITS was a 2012 Goodreads Choice Finalist for YA Fiction, a RT Magazine’s 2012 Reviewer’s Choice Awards Nominee for Young Adult Contemporary Novel, a double Rita Finalist, and a 2013 YALSA Top Ten Teen Pick. DARE YOU TO was also a Goodreads Choice Finalist for YA Fiction and won RT Magazine’s Reviewer’s Choice Best Book Award for Young Adult Contemporary fiction in 2013.

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Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Publisher: Del Rey

Published: May 19, 2015

Rating: 2/5

Summary: Agnieszka loves her valley home, her quiet village, the forests and the bright shining river. But the corrupted Wood stands on the border, full of malevolent power, and its shadow lies over her life.

Her people rely on the cold, driven wizard known only as the Dragon to keep its powers at bay. But he demands a terrible price for his help: one young woman handed over to serve him for ten years, a fate almost as terrible as falling to the Wood.

The next choosing is fast approaching, and Agnieszka is afraid. She knows—everyone knows—that the Dragon will take Kasia: beautiful, graceful, brave Kasia, all the things Agnieszka isn’t, and her dearest friend in the world. And there is no way to save her.

But Agnieszka fears the wrong things. For when the Dragon comes, it is not Kasia he will choose.

So I don’t have much to say about this book, mainly because it was so boring o wasn’t paying any attention to it.

But like this is such a disappointment because I was looking forward to this book for a long time! I even went a got a nice pretty cover because I had a feeling it would be a favorite of mine! And sadly it let me down big time.

Nothing happened it felt like.

Nothing was going on with the characters, all they would do is study magic, Agnieszka would go off and do exactly the opposite of what the Dragon would say, and then all she would obsess about it Kasia.

Kasia this.

Kasia that.

I didn’t care.

And then the Dragon would sulk Ana get angry over everything and I’d be like “really?? Again??”

I don’t know.

I just hated this book.

And the narrator was boring too. She had a such a monotone voice and I wouldn’t want to listen to the audiobook.

I guess I just didn’t agree with book.

And I even peeked in the back and again the ending didn’t sound like something interesting.

Overall a big disappointment and sadly I don’t think I’ll be retrying this book in the future. It jut wasn’t for me.

Have you read this book? What did you think of it if you did??

Weekly TBR and Wrap Up

Hello! I’m here with my Wrap Up and TBR for this week!

So as per usual I’ll start off with the books I read last week!

So I read three books last week and started two more so I’m happy! I first finished War Storm by Victoria Aveyard and wow again that was sooooo great! I loved it! I cannot believe that this series is over but wow! Such a fun ride!

Aveyard_War Storm

And then I also finished All the Little Lights by Jamie McGuire! I loved this book! I had never read any of her books before and I am so glad I got the chance to check this one out because I will for sure be reading her books in the future!

Isn’t this book cover stunning??


And lastly I finished Linger by Maggie Stiefvater which was so good! Grace and Sam are just so cute! I’m really enjoying this werewolf series! It’s so fun! I cannot wait to finish the series soon!


And here are the current books I am reading!

I am currently reading My Plain Jane and it’s so funny so far! I am really enjoying it! It sounds fun! I hope that humor continues! It’s really cool!


And I also started the audiobook of Prodigy by Marie Lu! I finally got approved for this audiobook on Libby! I just can’t wait to continue! It’s so awesome so far!


And here are the other books I want to read this week!

I hope to read Her Last Word by Mary Burton which I got off Netgalley, and Bright We Burn by Kiersten White which I got from YallWest and then I want to listen to the audiobook of Champion by Marie Lu! I want to finish the Legend trilogy this week! I hope I can! I’m trying to be better and read and finish series!

I may read more books or I may not! I hope I can get more books in but I decided to make this TBR a bit smaller so I can fit more books in there!

What are you hoping to read this week?? What are you excited for me to read?? Let me know!

All the Little Lights


All the Little Lights by Jamie McGuire

Publisher: Montlake Romance

Published: May 29th, 2018

Rating: 5-star-rating-clipart-1

Summary: The first time Elliott Youngblood spots Catherine Calhoun, he’s just a boy with a camera, and he’s never seen a sadder and more beautiful sight. Both Elliott and Catherine feel like outcasts, yet they find an easy friendship with each other. But when Catherine needs him most, Elliott is forced to leave town.

Elliott finally returns, but he and Catherine are now different people. He’s a star high school athlete, and she spends all her free time working at her mother’s mysterious bed-and-breakfast. Catherine hasn’t forgiven Elliott for abandoning her, but he’s determined to win back her friendship…and her heart.

Just when Catherine is ready to fully trust Elliott, he becomes the prime suspect in a local tragedy. Despite the town’s growing suspicions, Catherine clings to her love for Elliott. But a devastating secret that Catherine has buried could destroy whatever chance of happiness they have left.

So this is the first Jamie McGuire book that I read and wow let me tell you it was fantastic! It was such a complex story, lots of ups and downs with the characters in this story. It was very deep, sad, and just so amazing.

Elliott is such a good character, I adored him throughout this story and my love for him only grew during my time with him in this story. And my heart broke for Catherine all throughout this novel as well.

Elliott is Native American, and you see the racist behavior that is directed at him and you can tell that it affects him, and yet he has the power to overcome most of it and focus on what is important to him, Catherine. While he isn’t perfect and fights back at what they are saying to him, he doesn’t do it when it is directed solely at him. It really shows how deep his love of Catherine is, because he comes back, he fights hard to get back to her and he defends her whenever he can. He goes out of his way to help her, and does whatever he can to make her life easier. And he is willing to leave his scholarship for his top school to stay with her. He’s just a dedicated person. And his love for her is great! It’s just so cute to see him do everything for her. Like he takes her home and has to rush to his football practice, he says all the time that he takes pictures of what he loves, and it turns out he really does.

I don’t know, he’s just a sweetie and you see how being Native American in a predominantly white town was hard on him, and yet he powered through it for the girl he loved.

And his family life was very sad. His mother and father were very toxic, and in a toxic relationship. His father is a drunk, and isn’t a good person and even when Elliott is older, his father has no issue asking him for things because he can’t find it in himself to get a job. I did see some growth in his mother throughout the novel at the end. She was a bitter, angry woman, and finally learns what is important to Elliott.

Catherine was a very sad girl in this story. And you saw how when she was with Elliott she was at peace. I enjoyed seeing their relationship.

Catherine it seems never got the chance to have a life, because once a tragedy strikes her, she is thrust into the mother roll, while her mother is still alive. She has so much on her plate, and you see her trying to do everything she can to help her mother and the bed and breakfast, and also being a student.

But Catherine also has to get over being abandoned by Elliott, while it was unwilling on his part.

I enjoyed seeing Catherine, and how she was trying to be so strong, and yet was still able to lean on Elliott, and eventually another woman.

Just overall this story was great, and I got super invested in the characters, I just wanted this romance to never end, because I wanted to see more from Catherine and Elliott. They’re just so sweet, and I enjoyed that there was never any jealousy from anyone, and that they were a unit, and there for each other in the hard times they faced in this story.

But let me just say, that ending was intense!




I never expected that at all, just like at all. I never expected the way this ended, and the things that were revealed in this novel! I couldn’t even!!! I can’t!! Wow! Damn!

And that is my review for this novel! Let me know your thoughts and if you’ve read this book! I haven’t read any other Jamie McGuire books, but have you?? Did you enjoy them???

Thank you Netgalley for this ARC! I enjoyed this book so much!

The Hate U Give


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

Published: February 28th 2017

Rating: 5-star-rating-clipart-1

Summary: Sixteen-year-old Starr Carter moves between two worlds: the poor neighborhood where she lives and the fancy suburban prep school she attends. The uneasy balance between these worlds is shattered when Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Khalil was unarmed.

Soon afterward, his death is a national headline. Some are calling him a thug, maybe even a drug dealer and a gangbanger. Protesters are taking to the streets in Khalil’s name. Some cops and the local drug lord try to intimidate Starr and her family. What everyone wants to know is: what really went down that night? And the only person alive who can answer that is Starr.

But what Starr does or does not say could upend her community. It could also endanger her life.

This book was a masterpiece.

I listened to the audiobook and it was fantastic. This book blew me away and I can’t even believe that I got so invested in it.

The writing was fantastic, the characters were so real, and the storyline was so relevant and important.

There’s a lot I have to say about the different characters in this storyline. Starr was of course a superstar, and she just projected such a big voice through this novel. Seeing all of this go down through her eyes was definitely powerful, and seeing her be strong and do what she could for her friend was just awe-inspiring. Starr has her flaws, she’s not this perfect person, but her flaws make her perfect, and while she has moments where she wants to hide, she doesn’t. She steps up and does the right thing. It might be hard for her but she always tries to do what is right. She doesn’t mind stepping up and saying something isn’t right. She’s willing to be like “what you said was racist and that’s unacceptable”. And she really feels what people are saying about her friend, how they’re calling him a drug dealer and everything, and it was definitely a mystery to see how he got involved in everything.

Her family was super interesting to read about. They were different, supportive, and good people. Seven was my favorite, besides her mother. Her mother was definitely the voice of reason, and I could really see her side of the story when things were going down around her. She was all about her family and that was it. And Seven was a good kid. He really had a lot going for him. I enjoyed reading about how he cared about his family, and now just Starr and her family, but his other family as well.

Her father was another interesting character. He was tough, and also open to helping other people in his community. He was a good man who cared about his community, and wanted to help those he could. He might not be open to shore people, but he was definitely accepting of Chris eventually. That was a funny scene when that all played out.

And speaking of Chris I liked him! I liked that when it came down to it he stuck by Starr and supported her when he could. He even went to protest with her! I liked that their relationship wasn’t full of drama. It was a nice relationship. He didn’t run to her rescue, he supported her. She didn’t need him to make her better. She was a better person on her own. But they had like an equal partnership together. I just appreciated that they were there for each other, and cared about each other. There was no girl trying to get him, and no jealousy from him. I just appreciated their realistic, healthy relationship.

Overall this book was filled with good people, good writing, and just a powerful message. You just read it and get sucked into everything going on, and you can’t help but feel empowered. This is definitely something everyone should read one day. It’s just something that everyone would get something out of. It opens your eyes to things other people go through just being who they are.

I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE.

I love this novel, one of my all time favorites!

Have you read this book before? Let me know your thoughts below!

Currently Reading

Hello everyone! I’m here with my Currently Reading post for this week!

So I’ll start as usual with the books I’ve completed!

So I only finished one book so far but I’m almost done with two more so I’m happy with myself! I finished War Storm by Victoria Aveyard and wow what a ride! I love this series so much and I’m so happy I read it! Such fun!

And then I am currently reading All the Little Lights by Jamie McGuire and it’s really good so far! I haven’t read a book by her before but it’s definitely something to read! I’m really enjoying it! It is very dark but addicting!

And I’m almost finished with the audiobook for Linger by Maggie Stiefvater! Finally getting to this book and I’m so in love with it! So cute and I’m in love with Grace and Sam!

And I have hope to finish two books during the weekend! I want to finish both Prodigy by Marie Lu! I got approved for the audiobook off Libby finally! So happy to continue this series!

And also My Plain Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows! I plan on getting this mostly done or finished by Monday! It sounds so good and I really wanna read it!

and that’s my tbr! I’m super excited to get to these books so here’s hoping that I do!

What do you plan on reading this weekend? Let me know down below!

Weekly Wrap Up and TBR

Hello! I’m here to wrap up the previous week and talk about what I want to read for this coming week!

I read four books last week and I’m so happy about it! I read some good books this past week! And I have some good books I want to read this week!

So the first book I read was Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli. I didn’t like it as much as Simon, mainly because Leah was just very annoying and was mean to a lot of people and then would hate it when people were mean to her. I just didn’t like her as much as I did Simon.


I also read Bruja Born by Zoraida Cordova. I wasn’t a huge fan of Labyrinth Lost and I liked this one maybe half a star more than that one. I just don’t like the characters that much, but it was funny. Because I didn’t like Alex that much in the first book, but I liked her better in this book.


And then I read It Takes Two by Jenny Holiday and I actually liked it. It wasn’t amazing but it was fun and cute! I felt it could have been a bit better. But stay tuned for my review!


And then I finally read The Crown! I’ll go more into this book with my review but in a way I expected her to fall for this guy, but I didn’t think she would end up with him. I did enjoy it, but I still love the first part of this series more!


Sorry I couldn’t post this for a bit I was in a War Storm hole for a few days! I just powered through this audiobook and was dying inside as it happened!! I have a few thoughts about it and I’m not sure how I feel.

Aveyard_War Storm

So the next book I am currently reading is All the Little Lights by Jamie McGuire! I’m so excited to read it! I have it for review and I’m a bit behind but yeah!


And then I wanna read Her Last Word by Mary Burton! Again this is another review book that I wanna get to and get a review up! Again here’s hoping I do!


And I got an ARC of My Plain Jane and I loved My Lady Jane so I hope I like this one as well! It’s so funny and I hope this one is just as humorous!


Lastly I wanna get to the audiobook of Linger since I’ve been wanting to read it for a few weeks already! Here’s hoping I get to it!!


and that is my ambitious tbr for this month! Wish me luck that I’ll be able to get to them all! I could use the luck!

What’s on your tbr? Have you finished anything this week?? Let me know!

Hot Asset


Hot Asset by Lauren Layne

Publisher: Montlake Romance

Published: May 22nd, 2018

Rating: 3-stars

Summary: Ian Bradley is the definition of a Wall Street hotshot: seven-figure salary, designer suits, and a corner office. His drive off the floor is just as potent. Every woman who knows him has felt the rush. But now he’s met his match in Lara McKenzie—a woman with the power to bring Ian to his knees.

An ambitious, whip-smart daughter of FBI agents, Lara is a rising star in fighting white-collar crime. Her latest case—the investigation of Ian Bradley for insider trading—could make her career. She knows a scoundrel when she sees one. Ian fits the bill: a cocky, ridiculously handsome bad boy with a slick swagger.

She’ll do anything to prove he’s guilty. He’ll do anything to prove he’s not. But it’s only a matter of time before their fierce battle of wits gets oh so hot and personal. Now, taking down Ian has become more than business for Lara. It’s become a pleasure—and there’s more at risk than she ever dreamed.

So I read this book off Netgalley and I have to say that I wasn’t blown away by this romance.

It was actually a bit boring for a few chapters and for a while I just couldn’t get through it. I just like would pick it up and then put it down and just not read it. I wouldn’t want to read it because the beginning was pretty boring and again I just had no urge to continue on. I finally just picked it up and powered through it.

I just didn’t care about the relationship, mainly because there wasn’t really a relationship. It wasn’t like they were in a relationship and then suddenly weren’t and then back together. It was like it took them the whole novel to even get anywhere. I was just waiting for anything to happen between them! Nothing did! I feel like I don’t have much to review because I feel like nothing was going on for me to talk about.

I mean Lara was interesting, and tough and I liked her ambition she had for herself and her profession. That was cool to me that she wanted to be in the FBI. But it was just like put out there all the time and I was always like it’s cool that you want to do that but it doesn’t need to be thrown in there all the time. I did like her and thought she was a good character, but there wasn’t much to her in a way. She was just all her job and then suddenly she and Ian were all over each other and everything and then they were together.

And Ian was interesting as well, but again there wasn’t much to him. I did think as well, that he wasn’t very flushed out. I felt like I saw bits of him, but it was like second hand talk about him from the other people in the books. I just wish that I saw more about him. I liked what I read about him, but again we didn’t see much about his personality besides him being a hard worker and being sexy and a casual dater.

I don’t know…I just wish that I saw more of the characters and we got more from them during this story because I feel like we didn’t get anything from them.

I mean I liked the ending because then it felt like things were starting and going somewhere. But that didn’t really cover the fact that we didn’t get much from either of them throughout the book.

I don’t think I’ll be reading more in this series because this book didn’t wow me and I just don’t care that much. I wish I did! I love office romances but sadly this didn’t make me interested in reading more about these characters.

Overall not a really amazing book, but interesting concept that I wish was developed more.

Let me know if you’ve read this book and what your thoughts were. I’d love to know!

Currently Reading

Hello! Here is my Currently Reading post for this weekend! I have a few books that I have to talk about so I am going to get right to it! I have the weekend off so lets hope that I can spend a bunch of it reading!

So the first book I finished is Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli! I gave this 4/5 stars, and I’ll be reviewing this soon as possible! It was a good book and I enjoyed it well enough but I love Simon way more!

And I also read Bruja Born by Zoraida Cordova which I reviewed here: Bruja Born and I explained my thoughts on there, but overall it was a solid novel, and I felt that in a way I’m interested to see where it goes.

And here is what I am reading and what I want to read.

And I am currently listening to War Storm on Scribd with a friend and it’s so good! I am not going to finish it this week but I want to get most of it done this week! I just want to know what happens and I’m slowly dying!

And I also am reading the eBook of It Takes Two by Jenny Holiday and it’s fun and I want to see more from this so I can’t wait to finish it and see what goes on!

And I hope to read The Traitor’s Ruin by Erin Beaty this weekend. I read the first book last year and it was really good so I hope this is a great continuation of this series! I kind of need to look up the summary since I read the first one before it came out so I can’t remember much about it since I read a bunch of books between them.

And I also want to get part way through Her Last Word by Mary Burton and maybe finish  it if I have a chance?? I really want to read it and so I hope it gets mostly read this weekend!

Overall I have a few plans for this weekend so I hope I have the chance to read these books that I am planning on! Pray for me!

What are you planning on reading this weekend?

Bruja Born

Bruja Born by Zoraida Cordova

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Published: June, 5th 2018


Summary: Three sisters. One spell. Countless dead.

Lula Mortiz feels like an outsider. Her sister’s newfound Encantrix powers have wounded her in ways that Lula’s bruja healing powers can’t fix, and she longs for the comfort her family once brought her. Thank the Deos for Maks, her sweet, steady boyfriend who sees the beauty within her and brings light to her life.

Then a bus crash turns Lula’s world upside down. Her classmates are all dead, including Maks. But Lula was born to heal, to fix. She can bring Maks back, even if it means seeking help from her sisters and defying Death herself. But magic that defies the laws of the deos is dangerous. Unpredictable. And when the dust settles, Maks isn’t the only one who’s been brought back…

So I actually enjoyed this one and it was a solid book.

I did have issues with Lula, mainly sometimes she would annoy me quite a bit and I really wanted to like her.

I enjoyed Alex more in this book more than I did in Labyrinth Lost. She definitely felt changed and matured. She was just so different since discovering her powers in book one and I just seemed to get along with her better in this book than in the previous book. I do wish we saw more of Rishi because she was adorable in the first book and I did enjoy seeing her in the first book. But I do hope she’s also in the third book more than she was in this one!

Okay so I had some issues with Lula. It was really confusing for me in a way. I liked Lula in the sense that she was like brave, and willing to do what she could so she can save the world and undo what she was trying to do in the beginning and I thought that was great of her to do. But I felt like it took so long to get there. She didn’t seem to care that what she did for Maks was hurting other people; and that maybe she wasn’t encouraged to do what she was doing for a reason. She didn’t seem to care that so many people died because of what she did, and like she was sad and did care; but at the same time didn’t care because she was trying to get her boyfriend back. It was just like stop being so blind to the pain you’re causing other people. I can understand her reason, because it did feel like Maks was important to her, but at the same time you can’t just decide to bring him back and then not take responsibility for the damage that he is causing.

Also I didn’t like how she kept guilting Alex to do her bidding after what happened in book one. I was like you don’t think she feels bad that she did that to you? You’re making it worse and don’t seem to care that it’s hurting her.

She would tell Alex that she owed her for what happened in book one, and so that was why she had to help Lula. Because she owed her. And I was pissed off for a bit, because Alex really did think she had to atone and do things she wasn’t sure she should do just to make it up to Lula.

There were parts of Lula I enjoyed, but also there were parts of Lula that I just did not like. I just didn’t enjoy reading about her having blinds up to other issues going on that she caused, as long as she got her boyfriend.

But Rose was interesting! I can’t wait to read more about Rose. She’s very mysterious I feel like.

You get this part of Rose and you see her a certain way, and you’re eyes are opened to her and she’s growing and changing and I just can’t wait to see that all in book three. She is definitely interesting to read about and she kicks butt! I mean all the girls do, but I can’t wait to see what Rose has to offer in her own book.

I do enjoy the family vibes from this book. The girls have each other’s backs no matter what; they are always there when the others need them. They stand up for their family, and you see them do whatever they can to defend each other. And they love their mother like no other and are slowly opening up to their father. But even that, he is there to protect them as best he can. I just feel like Zoraida does family vibes really well.

I do think this is a solid series and it’s great seeing my culture brought to life in these books. It never bothered me too much since that’s not why I read books, but it’s always nice seeing the Mexican culture brought to life.

Overall I like this book enough that I would like to continue with, and see where the storyline goes. Zoraida does have great writing, I do love how she writes a storyline and characters, but overall it wasn’t a book I would reread again and a book that I just thought was okay. It just didn’t stick with me like I hoped it would.

I do recommend this series to anyone interested but sadly it just wasn’t something that blew me away.

Let me know down below your thoughts, and if you’ve read this series and what you thoughts of it! I’d really like to know!