Weekly Reads TBR

Hello everyone! It is time for another Weekly Reads TBR!

This week I have four days off! So I have plans to read a few books this week and I’m so excited!

So I started Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh and so far I like it! It’s really interesting! I got this for review from BN Fest a few months ago! I hope in the end I like it  because I honestly haven’t heard much about it honestly!

reign of the fallen

I have like 100 pages left of The Hazel Wood so I plan on finishing that today as well! It’s really interesting and unique and really like nothing I have ever read! It’s like a cool adventure story mixed with magic, and mystery! I love it so much!

the hazelwood

I also want to read Banished by Betsy Schow which I got for review off Netgalley! It sounds interesting and is about Camelot and the Wizard of Oz! Reminds me of Once Upon a Time so I’m here for it!


I also got a few pages into Say You’ll Remember Me by Katie McGarry. I am part of the blog tour so stay tuned for my post about it! I’m really excited to check this book out it sounds really amazing! I’m so ready for this!


And lastly I want to get to something else but I really don’t know what I want to read so I’ll leave it open to picking something random to read! I’ll let you know later on during the week!

Oh! I almost forgot that I am currently listening to the audiobook of The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith! I finished The Cuckoo’s Calling already and it was so amazing! I loved it so much! I’m about 90 pages into The Silkworm after starting it yesterday so I hope that I can finish it this week while I’m like doing chores and cleaning!


And that is my TBR for the week! I’ll let you know later in the week how my progress is going! This is also the last week for my giveaway! So don’t forget to enter it and try your hand at winning a prize! Post here: Giveaway!



Milk and Honey


milk and honey by rupi kaur

Published: November 7th, 2014

Publisher: Createspace

Rating: 4.5/5

Summary: milk and honey is a collection of poetry and prose about survival. It is about the experience of violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity. It is split into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose, deals with a different pain, heals a different heartache. milk and honey takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness in them because there is sweetness everywhere if you are just willing to look.

So I read this one after reading her most recent poetry book, this one I didn’t really relate to as much as the other one but that didn’t mean it didn’t have really amazing poetry. It was really fascinating and I loved a lot of what she was trying to bring to the table.

I  know a lot of people don’t like this book and think it’s way too tumblr like but I like stuff like that. I really think it hits me more at times. That the poems that are like that can get really clever because the idea is to not really say much but convey a deeper meaning.

Rupi really knows how to write about love, about heartbreak, and about dark topics.

I will give a warning that this book really goes into darker topics at times and people who are a bit sensitive to that might want to tread carefully.

But it was great that this book really made me feel things and made me really think. I liked that about it, because a lot of the ones that made me think were the ones I couldn’t relate to. I like that they could have made me think even if I didn’t relate to them really struck me as clever that Rupi was able to do that for me.

I think my favorite part was around the section of love. I like reading other people’s takes on romance and it was just sunshine and flowers. It was really and raw and something that I could possible relate to.

She talked about good and bad times and that is something any relationship goes through.

As someone that never reads poetry I was glad that I checked this out and that this book really helped me get more interested in reading poetry. I have a few poetry books and thanks to Rupi I really want to check them out.

I found out that she shares her poetry online and I really appreciate that she is willing to make her work easy to get to online so it spreads out and other people can maybe be inspired by her work and maybe look at themselves and how they can love themselves. Rupi has a few about self love and it really stuck with me so I know it can stick with other people and really inspire them as well.

Overall I really liked this book and thought it was really well done and I’m glad it opened my eyes to poetry and makes me want to check more out! Poetry is really beautiful and this book really showed me that. Highly recommend!

Have you read her books before? If you have what did you think? Do you have another poets that I should check out?? If you do let me know below as I would love to know!

The Sun and Her Flowers


the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Published: October 3rd, 2017

Rating: 5/5

Summary: From Rupi Kaur, the #1 New York Timesbestselling author of milk and honey, comes her long-awaited second collection of poetry. A vibrant and transcendent journey about growth and healing. Ancestry and honoring one’s roots. Expatriation and rising up to find a home within yourself.

Divided into five chapters and illustrated by Kaur, the sun and her flowers is a journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. A celebration of love in all its forms.

this is the recipe of life
said my mother
as she held me in her arms as i wept
think of those flowers you plant
in the garden each year
they will teach you
that people too
must wilt
in order to bloom

So I have never really read poetry besides like Shel Silverstein when I was younger, but I picked up this book seeing how everyone raved over her first book Milk and Honey so I really wanted to try this book out and see what I thought.

And I LOVED it!!

It really resonated with me so well and it was just wow…so great and amazing and while some what she experienced hadn’t happened to me there were a lot of poems that I thought were beautiful and important, or that I felt related to me.

Rupi is just is a really great poet and what she says is so relevant to many people, and so beautiful. I literally had no words for what she was saying at times. Her writing just blew me away.

A lot of her poems really went into dark topics, and she really talked about her experiences in life and with men, as well as with her family. It made her seem more relatable and I liked that about this book. While her past was so sad and hard at times it seemed, she really showed how she developed in the future.

I also really appreciated her section on refugees, and living as a brown woman. And I think that really stuck with me, because while I might not be a refugee I am a brown woman and her views on that really stuck with me even after reading this. She really pushed self-acceptance of the color of your skin, and acceptance of your self as who you are.

I just have many good thoughts about this book, and it really did make me sad at some points because of the mature incidents that are mentioned in this book, but most of it was just really beautiful and wow.

No words will explain how much I really adored this book.

I tabbed the heck outta that book so I can come back and read some of them when I feel like I need to. I actually went out and bought her first book and read that in a couple hours and tabbed that one as well. So stay tuned for that review in the future!

I know a lot of people might not care for poetry but I highly suggest giving this a chance because you might actually really like this book!

I think out of the two of her books this one is my favorite, which seems to be what a lot of people feel as well but highly recommend for poetry lovers, and people who are looking to give it a try!

Let me know if you’ve read this book below because I would really like to hear your thoughts and if you loved it or hated it as I would really love to know!


Currently Reading


I’m here to show you all what I am currently reading this week and what I want to read for the weekend!

So I am still currently listening to the audiobook of The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith! I’m almost done with it so I might get it done by this weekend!


And then I can start The Silkworm by Robert Galbriath! Which is the sequel that I got out from the library as well on audiobook!


And I am currently like 55% through The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert. So I have a little more that I plan on reading before I’m done!

the hazelwood

And then once this is done I’ll be reading Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh which I got at BNFest at Barnes and Nobles!

reign of the fallen

And those are the books that I plan on reading this weekend and what I am currently reading/listening to! I’m really liking what I am reading right now so I hope that I finish them soon!

Let me know what you’re currently reading! I’d love to know!


The Cowboy Who Came Calling


The Cowboy Who Came Calling by Linda Broday

Publisher: SourceBooks Casablanca

Published: February 6th, 2018

Rating: 4/5

Summary: A Former Texas Ranger on a mission
A determined woman slowly losing her sight
A love neither could have predicted
…and a danger that may steal their happy ending before it can even begin.

Glory Day may be losing her vision, but that doesn’t mean she’ll ever stop fighting. Determined to provide for her struggling family, she confronts an outlaw with a price on his head. But when a mysterious cowboy gets between her and her target, Glory accidentally shoots him instead. Flustered, she has no option but to take the handsome stranger home to treat his wounds.

Former Texas Ranger Luke McClain didn’t plan to fall in love, but there’s no denying the strength of Glory’s will or the sweetness of her heart. But Glory’s been burned before, and Luke will have to reach into the depths of his own battered soul to convince her to take a chance…

So this was really cute! I really liked it! Glory was a really interesting and unique! She was tough and independent, and it was hard for her to really let herself rely on Luke and all that he offered. Their chemistry was funny to read about because they’re both so stubborn and it was so funny reading about them mistaking each other’s intentions and everything!

They had really great chemistry and were super funny and I really loved their banter to each other.

I think I also loved Glory’s situation and her disability because it really showed her need to really push past her feelings on it holding her back, and learning to accept that she isn’t weak when she accepts help from other people.

Also it tackled issues like addiction as well. Her mother had an addiction to a drug and it was hard on Glory and her sisters having to really step up and cover the space their mother should have taken had she been of sound mind.

This book really just wasn’t about romance it was about family, and learning to be strong, and over coming obstacles that you think will take you down but really lift you up and make you stronger. I think that’s why I really enjoyed it because I wasn’t just reading a romance story between two people, I was reading about Glory and her taking charge of her family and really pushing to help them survive obstacles that were placed in front of them.

But the romance was super cute so even if it didn’t have all those other themes I probably would have enjoyed it because Glory and Luke were just so cute!

They did have moments where I wanted to smack them both because things would get misinterpreted so easily and I was like “Oh my gosh open your eyes!!”

Another downside was Glory’s sister Patience! She was a bit annoying for someone her age, and I just wanted someone to be firm with her because she got away with everything! Hope was super sweet, but Patience was just like annoying and no one seemed to bother to correct her. She would bother Glory all the time and would spill secrets all the time, and she took Glory’s journal and would read it even though Glory mentioned she didn’t want her to. I don’t know, it was just really annoying.

But overall I did enjoy this story, and I thought the storyline was really unique, and important as well. Plus the romance was cute! I loved it! Highly recommend especially if you’re really interested in reading books set in the western time period! It was fun! I think that was part of my enjoyment of this book!

I really do recommend you romance lovers check this out! It was really interesting and fun and I think you’ll really enjoy it! It comes out February 6th 2018 so when it’s out go check it out!


So it’s 2018!

And to celebrate the New Year I am planning on doing a giveaway!

So I am raffling off a really cool reward!

Basically I’ll be choosing three different winners and those three winners get to choose a book of their choice off the Book Depository!

But the winner of first place will get to choose 2 books off the Book Depository

And the second and third place winners will get to choose 1 book off the Book Depository!

It is a US and International giveaway as long as the Book Depository ships for free to your country!

I’ll leave the Rafflecopter link here: Giveaway Link!

Good Luck!!

Currently Reading

Hello! I’m here to talk about what I am currently reading this week! I got through Meet Cute and I’m almost done with The Spring Girls by Anna Todd!

So now I just have to start and finish Gunslinger Girl by Lyndsay Ely! I’m so excited to read it because it’s a YA western! It sounds really interesting to me and I can’t wait to see what I think about it!


Summary: Seventeen-year-old Serendipity “Pity” Jones inherited two things from her mother: a pair of six shooters and perfect aim. She’s been offered a life of fame and fortune in Cessation, a glittering city where lawlessness is a way of life. But the price she pays for her freedom may be too great….
In this extraordinary debut from Lyndsay Ely, the West is once again wild after a Second Civil War fractures the U.S. into a broken, dangerous land. Pity’s struggle against the dark and twisted underbelly of a corrupt city will haunt you long after the final bullet is shot.

I want to start an audiobook so maybe I’ll start reading an audiobook this weekend as well…maybe I’ll get to it on the way to work and stuff since I have about an hours drive both ways!

So hopefully I’ll get to those books! I really want to so wish me luck!

Let me know your reading plans are for the weekend! I work tomorrow and Sunday so I have to get all my reading done before work and after work!

Illumicrate Unboxing

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a Happy New Year Eve and Day!

I’m here to show you my November Illumicrate unboxing! I ended up getting it a bit late and got it towards the end of December so I haven’t had much of a chance to do a post about it. But I think besides Owlcrate this is one of my favorite boxes I get each month!

So Illumicrate is a quarterly box and you pay for the box and you end up with two books in the box! Recently it’s been an ARC in the box and they send such beautiful editions!

Website link here: Illumicrate


The first item in this box is this really beautiful print from Nutmeg and Arlo on Easy! I really do like this quote and it really is true honestly! At least I think so! I love Nutmeg and Arlo’s stuff, they have really cute pins and prints and I always want to buy stuff from them but I always don’t because I tend to spend my money on books….but you should definitely check them out!

Link here: Nutmeg and Arlo

This item to me is kind of sad, because I love Meraki Candles and unfortunately they are shutting down. I only ever got the candles they included in the boxes because shipping from out of the country tends to be expensive, so sadly I never bought a candle from them which is something I regret but I wish them all the best in their next adventure!

They also included this sampler of This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada, I had the ARC but never got around to it sadly, but I do plan on reading it soon since I have the audiobook.

Summary: Catarina Agatta is a hacker. She can cripple mainframes and crash through firewalls, but that’s not what makes her special. In Cat’s world, people are implanted with technology to recode their DNA, allowing them to change their bodies in any way they want. And Cat happens to be a gene-hacking genius.

That’s no surprise, since Cat’s father is Dr. Lachlan Agatta, a legendary geneticist who may be the last hope for defeating a plague that has brought humanity to the brink of extinction. But during the outbreak, Lachlan was kidnapped by a shadowy organization called Cartaxus, leaving Cat to survive the last two years on her own.

When a Cartaxus soldier, Cole, arrives with news that her father has been killed, Cat’s instincts tell her it’s just another Cartaxus lie. But Cole also brings a message: before Lachlan died, he managed to create a vaccine, and Cole needs Cat’s help to release it and save the human race.

Now Cat must decide who she can trust: The soldier with secrets of his own? The father who made her promise to hide from Cartaxus at all costs? In a world where nature itself can be rewritten, how much can she even trust herself?


I also got this 2018 journal which is super cute! I love it so much! It’s a weekly journal and I plan on using it to plan for blogging and work! Super excited to use it! The website will be linked below so I highly recommend checking out her etsy page, there is a lot of really awesome items for sale!

Link: Prism of Starling

The next item is a really stunning moon necklace from Oh Panda Eyes on etsy! I have a few items I saw that I want to purchase but it will have to wait for when they are back on etsy as they are currently taking a short break! I’ll leave the link below and you all should go check when they are back open because they have really pretty items!

Link: Oh Panda Eyes

And then this really cute tea towel is really cute! I love it! I still have no idea what a tea towel is so if anyone can tell me what that is I’d really appreciate it! Because I have no idea! Is it like a hand towel???

Anyways this tea towel is designed by Evannave so I’ll link her Link Tree for you to check her out!

Link: Evannave Link Tree


So I got this sampler of Iron Gold by Pierce Brown and I can’t really read this since I haven’t read the Red Rising books by him so I need to do that before starting Iron Gold.

I’ll leave a summary even though it’s a continuation of the Red Rising Trilogy

Summary: A decade ago, Darrow was the hero of the revolution he believed would break the chains of the Society. But the Rising has shattered everything: Instead of peace and freedom, it has brought endless war. Now he must risk everything he has fought for on one last desperate mission. Darrow still believes he can save everyone, but can he save himself?

And throughout the worlds, other destinies entwine with Darrow’s to change his fate forever:

A young Red girl flees tragedy in her refugee camp and achieves for herself a new life she could never have imagined.

An ex-soldier broken by grief is forced to steal the most valuable thing in the galaxy—or pay with his life.

And Lysander au Lune, the heir in exile to the sovereign, wanders the stars with his mentor, Cassius, haunted by the loss of the world that Darrow transformed, and dreaming of what will rise from its ashes.

Red Rising was the story of the end of one universe, and Iron Goldis the story of the creation of a new one. Witness the beginning of a stunning new saga of tragedy and triumph from masterly New York Times bestselling author Pierce Brown

I also got this stunning edition of City of Brass by S A Chakraborty. I had read a good chunk of this before and I ended up putting it down but this edition really makes me want to go and check it out again so maybe I’ll pick it up again and try to finish it. This cover is just so stunning! I love it!

Summary: Step into The City of Brass, the spellbinding debut from S. A. Chakraborty—an imaginative alchemy of The Golem and the Jinni, The Grace of Kings, and One Thousand and One Nights, in which the future of a magical Middle Eastern kingdom rests in the hands of a clever and defiant young con artist with miraculous healing gifts

Nahri has never believed in magic. Certainly, she has power; on the streets of 18th century Cairo, she’s a con woman of unsurpassed talent. But she knows better than anyone that the trade she uses to get by—palm readings, zars, healings—are all tricks, sleights of hand, learned skills; a means to the delightful end of swindling Ottoman nobles.

But when Nahri accidentally summons an equally sly, darkly mysterious djinn warrior to her side during one of her cons, she’s forced to accept that the magical world she thought only existed in childhood stories is real. For the warrior tells her a new tale: across hot, windswept sands teeming with creatures of fire, and rivers where the mythical marid sleep; past ruins of once-magnificent human metropolises, and mountains where the circling hawks are not what they seem, lies Daevabad, the legendary city of brass?a city to which Nahri is irrevocably bound.

In that city, behind gilded brass walls laced with enchantments, behind the six gates of the six djinn tribes, old resentments are simmering. And when Nahri decides to enter this world, she learns that true power is fierce and brutal. That magic cannot shield her from the dangerous web of court politics. That even the cleverest of schemes can have deadly consequences.

After all, there is a reason they say be careful what you wish for . . .

And the book in the box is Artemis by Andy Weir! I have never read The Martian by him but this one sounds really interesting! Plus this cover is really cool and it has black splayed edges which I love! So happy to add this to my collection!

Summary: Jazz Bashara is a criminal.

Well, sort of. Life on Artemis, the first and only city on the moon, is tough if you’re not a rich tourist or an eccentric billionaire. So smuggling in the occasional harmless bit of contraband barely counts, right? Not when you’ve got debts to pay and your job as a porter barely covers the rent.

Everything changes when Jazz sees the chance to commit the perfect crime, with a reward too lucrative to turn down. But pulling off the impossible is just the start of Jazz’s problems, as she learns that she’s stepped square into a conspiracy for control of Artemis itself – and that now, her only chance at survival lies in a gambit even more unlikely than the first.

It also came with this travel brochure and this bookmark for Artemis as well and I think they’re super neat!


Here’s the Packing List for you incase you’re interested!


And that is my newest unboxing for you all! I hope you all enjoyed it and let me know your thoughts as I would love to know! This month I have quite a few book boxes I bought and I can’t wait for them to come in! I’m super excited for them all! Can’t wait for you all to see them!

Weekly Reads

So this past week was a bit slow for my reading since I was so busy with work and with family stuff going on so yeah. But I do plan on reading more this week so here i what I plan on reading!

So first is I want to finish Spring Girls by Anna Todd. I am almost done with it I’m like 55% of the way through it, so once I’m done with that I will be posting my review right away!


Up next is Meet Cute by many different authors. I’m barely though this book so I really need to get on it. I got it for review by HMH Teen but so far so good. I am making both this and Spring Girls a priority this week! So wish me luck!


And lastly is Gunslinger Girl by Lyndsy Ely! This one I got in a trade so I really need to read it and get a review up!


I highly doubt I’ll get anymore read this week but if I do I want to get started on my new challenge that I’m attempting to find a title for. I’ll go through that later on!

Anyways let me know what you plan on reading this week as I would love to know!

Around the Year in 52 Books

Hello everyone! I’m here to post about the reading challenge I want to do in 2018 called Around the Year in 52 Books! I did it last year and didn’t really do very well but I want to try to do better and finish it this year! I’ll post the prompts and then maybe a small list of books I plan to read for that challenge. Most of the ones left blank are ones I’m not sure which book I plan to read yet for that challenge. But yes the ones are listed are the ones I hope to read for that particular challenge!

They may not stay that way but for the most part I want to stick with what I choose! Let’s hope I stick to these or at least most of them!

Anyway here are the challenges!


1. A book with the letters A, T & Y in the title Angel’s Blood by Nalini Singh
2. A book from the first 10 books added to your To Be Read list City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
3. A book from the 2017 Goodreads Choice Awards: Without Merit by Colleen Hoover
4. 4 books linked by the 4 elements: Book #1 Earth (in title, cover, content, setting, author…) Unearthed by Amie Kauffman and Meagan Spooner
5. A book about or inspired by real events
6. A book originally written in a language other than English
7. A gothic novel
8. An “own voices” book*
9. A book with a body part in the title (heart, bones, teeth, skin, blood, etc)
10. An author’s debut book (their first book to be published)
11. A literary fiction All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
12. A book set in Africa or South America A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotson
13. A book with a plot centered around a secret (forbidden love, spies, secret societies, etc) The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton
14. 4 books linked by the 4 elements: Book #2 Fire Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini
15. A book with an unique format/writing structure Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds
16. A narrative nonfiction Columbine by Dave Cullen
17. A book you expect to make you laugh: The Allure of Dean Harper
18. A book with a location in the title: Hollywood Dirt
19. A book nominated for the Edgar Award or by a Grand master author : A Madness So Discreet
20. A book rated 5 stars by at least one of your friends: The Last Namsara
21. A book written in first person perspective Jane Eyre by Charolette Bronte
22. A book you have high expectations or hope for: A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir
23. A medical or legal thriller
24. A book with a mapTheft of Swords by Michael Sullivan
25. A book with an antagonist/villain point of view
26. A book with a text only cover: Forgive me Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick
27. A book about surviving a hardship (war, famine, major disasters, serious illness, etc) Things We Know By Heart by Jessi Kirby
28. 4 books linked by the 4 elements: Book #3 Water Into the Water by Paula Hawkins
29. A book with a “Clue” weapon on the cover or title (lead pipe, revolver, rope, candlestick, dagger, wrench)  Dark Lover by J R Ward
30. A short book: We Own the Night
31. A book set in a country you’d like to visit but have never been to: Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning
32. An alternate history book: Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman
33. A book connected (title, cover, content) to a word “born” in the same year as you
34. A suggestion from the AtY 2018 polls, that didn’t win but was polarizing or a close-call : A book about feminism or with feminist themesMoxie
35. A book featuring a murder: Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts
36. A book published in the last 3 years (2016, 2017, 2018) by an author you haven’t read before: Honor by Jay Crownover
37. A Women’s Prize for Fiction winner or nominee The Song of Achilles
38. A science book or a science fiction book: The Final Empire
39. A book with a form of punctuation in the title:
40. A book from Amazon’s 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime list: Pride and Prejudice
41. A book by an author with the same first and last initials:
42. A book that takes place on, in, or underwater: Daughter of the Pirate King
43. A book with a title that is a whole sentence
44. A ghost story:
45. A book that intimidates/ scares you: Alloy of Law
46. 4 books linked by the 4 elements: Book #4 Air
47. A book where the main character (or author) is of a different ethnic origin, religion, or sexual identity than your own: A Torch Against the Night
48. A book related to one of the 7 deadly sins (pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth):
49. A book from one of the Goodreads Best Books of the Month lists
50. A book with a warm atmosphere (centered on family, friendship, love or summer)
51. An award-winning short story or short story collection
52. A book published in 2018: The Hazel Wood

And those are the challenges and my possible reads for each! Let me know in the comments if you’re doing this challenge or what other challenges you are doing as I would love to know! Also if you have some suggestions I’d love to know!