Book off Haul 2

Hey everyone! I’m here with my last Book Off haul from a week or so ago! They had some interesting books and I picked them up for my collection! Again for novels that aren’t the first books, I won’t be leaving a summary.

The first couple are some books by Julie Garwood. The Ransom is the sequel to The Secret so I’m excited that I have both of them so that I can read them both after the other now!

I got the four books in the Crown’s Spies series by Julie Garwood. The first is The Lion’s Lady, the second is Guardian Angel, the third is the Gift, and the last is Castles. I don’t know if there are going to be more or not but I got the four to read!

Summary of The Lion’s Lady: Christina Bennett had taken London society by storm. The ravishing beauty guarded the secret of her mysterious past until the night Lyon, Marquis of Lyonwood, stole a searching, sensuous kiss. An arrogant nobleman with a pirate’s passions, he tasted the wild fire smoldering beneath Christina’s cool charm and swore to possess her…

But the feisty and defiant Christina would not be so easily conquered. Mistress of her heart and of her fortune, she resisted Lyon’s sensuous caresses. She dared not surrender to his love…for then, she must also forsake her precious secret…and her promised destiny!

I also got The Book of Scandal by Julia London which is the first book in the Scandalous Series. I hope I like it, I picked it up but I haven’t heard much about it so we shall see!

Summary: Nathan Grey, the Earl of Lindsey, is infamously known as the Libertine of Lindsey for his scandalous ways with women. But when he hears gossip that his estranged wife, Evelyn, is about to be named in The Book of Scandal, he has no choice but to remove her from London to protect her and himself from charges of treason — even if it calls for abduction! While Evelyn has no legal recourse against the man who broke her heart years ago but is still considered her lord and master, she is no longer the immature girl Nathan married. Her enforced homecoming quickly turns into a battle of wills that tears down her husband’s defenses and lays bare the passion that still burns between them. Before it is too late, Nathan must confront powerful adversaries as he convinces Evelyn that she is not only his wife, but the one woman he will love for all time. 

I also got A Most Scandalous Engagement by Gayle Callen. This is the second book in the Scandalous Lady series. I think I have the first book but I can’t remember right now ha! I hope this one is good too! It looks sexy! Hehe!

I also got another Nora Roberts book that was 1$! I have so many of her books as Nora Roberts but sadly haven’t read any! I need to fix that ASAP! I’ve heard a lot about her books and just haven’t done it yet…I’m a horrible human being.

Summary: Daughter of a controlling mother, Elizabeth finally let loose one night, drinking at a nightclub and allowing a strange man’s seductive Russian accent lure her to a house on Lake Shore Drive. The events that followed changed her life forever.

Twelve years later, the woman known as Abigail Lowery lives on the outskirts of a small town in the Ozarks. A freelance programmer, she designs sophisticated security systems — and supplements her own security with a fierce dog and an assortment of firearms. She keeps to herself, saying little, revealing nothing. But Abigail’s reserve only intrigues police chief Brooks Gleason. Her logical mind, her secretive nature, and her unromantic viewpoints leave him fascinated but frustrated. He suspects that Abigail needs protection from something — and that her elaborate defenses hide a story that must be revealed.

With a quirky, unforgettable heroine and a pulse-pounding plotline, Nora Roberts presents a riveting new read that cements her place as today’s most reliably entertaining thriller — and will leave people hungering for more. 

I also got Size 14 Is Not Fat Either by Meg Cabot. I think I have all the books now, besides one or something, then I can binge read them! I liked the books I’ve read of hers, so I think I’ll end up liking this series too!

Lastly from Book Off I got The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley. This is the second book to The Winter Sea. This is another author that I have multiple books by her but I haven’t read them yet…again I’m a horrible human being….

That’s all for this haul and I’ll see you all in my next post! I may be going on a small book buying ban but that never works for me honestly so let’s see what happens with that I guess… Let me know in the comments what books you recently acquired!


Barnes and Nobles Haul 2

Hey everyone! I’m here with another Barnes and Nobles haul that I acquired when I went with my friend Liz! We also went to the Book Off that was closest to us but that will be in another post!

So here we go!

The first books I got are Falling Under and Opening Up by Lauren Dane. They are books 1 and 2 in the Ink and Chrome series. Opening Up is the first book so I’ll leave a summary below for Opening Up!

Summary: The men of the Twisted Steel custom motorcycle shop are great with their hands… and they’re not afraid to get dirty.

PJ is exactly the kind of woman Twisted Steel owner Asa Barrons doesn’t need. The last thing he wants to do is mix business with pleasure, and PJ has some of the best custom detailing he’s ever seen. But the chemistry between them won’t be denied, and soon he’s introducing her to a whole new world in the bedroom, pushing her far beyond anything she’s ever experienced. PJ finds she can’t get enough, but how far is too far before he consumes her completely? 

I’ve heard Jessica from Peacelovebooks talk about it, I’ll leave her blog and Youtube channel here: Blog and Youtube

I also got Only For You by Beth Kery. I heard that her romances were really good and so I picked it up! I have another of her books that I need to get to, and this will be added to that as well!

And I finally found the third book in the Hacker series for discount! I would have bought the whole series full price but I don’t really have the money for that (even though I buy so many books…) but still. I thought it would be better for my budget to buy them on clearance and I finally found the last one so I’m happy!

Also got The Moment of Letting Go by J A Redmerski. I got The Edge of Never by this author but saw this book for like 5$ so I just decided to get it and I’ll get to it once I’m done with The Edge of Never.

Summary: Sienna Murphy never does anything without a plan. And so far her plans have been working. Right after college, she got a prestigious job and gained the stability she’d always craved-until work takes her to the sun-drenched shores of Oahu and places her in the path of sexy surfer Luke Everett. For the first time, she lets her heart take control. Drawn to his carefree charm, she makes a spontaneous and very un-Sienna-like decision to drop everything and stay in Hawaii for two more weeks.

Luke lives fast and wild. When he meets Sienna, he’s convinced that some no-strings-attached fun is just what she needs. As their nights quickly turn from playful to passionate, Luke can’t deny the deep connection he feels. But there’s a reason Luke doesn’t do long-term. He can’t promise Sienna forever when the enormity of his past has shown him just how fragile the future can be . . .

I also decided to get two Cassandra Clare books. I was collecting the UK paperbacks because those were the ones I started finding at used bookstores and I liked those the most and I kept looking for them and after a while, I decided to sell those copies and get these copies instead since they all match. I love the spines too since they make a picture which I thought was so cool! I recently got City of Glass and I decided to get Clockwork Angel since I hope to read it and then start right into the Infernal Devices. I also got Lady Midnight which was lame of me since I’m not even close to reading that yet but whatever.

But now I have two books to add to my Cassandra Clare collection!

But that is all for this small haul until my Book Off part 2 haul so I’ll see you in my next post!

Barnes and Nobles Haul

So a few days ago I posted my Book off Haul that I collected when I went to the bookstores with my friend Dazmin. We also hit up some Barnes and Nobles nearby the stores so I got a few books from there!

I got most of these from the clearance section so I’ll be saying which ones those were.

Off the clearance section, I got In the Flesh by Sylvia Day. I love her books so I found this one and picked it up. It sounds really good so I hope I like it!

Summary: For five years, Sapphire has been the King of Sari’s most treasured concubine. Independent at last, she refuses to put herself in anyone’s control again. But now another’s meddling has led her into the path of proud, arrogant Wulfric, Crown Prince of the rival kingdom of D’Ashier. . . a man who is dangerous to her in every way.


The daughter of Wulfric’s fiercest opponent, Sapphire is a prized warrior in her own right and highly skilled in the sensual arts—in short, Wulfric’s perfect match. A lasting union is unthinkable, but the bargain they strike—to spend one night together, and then part—proves impossible in the face of a desire powerful enough to bring two countries to the brink of war, and two hearts to the point of surrender. . . 

Up next I got The Raven by Sylvian Reynard and this one sounded really good! I have two of her other books and decided to pick this up and read it when I get the chance!

Summary: Raven Wood spends her days at Florence’s Uffizi Gallery restoring fine works of Renaissance art. But an innocent walk home after an evening with friends changes her life forever. When she intervenes in the senseless beating of a homeless man, his attackers turn on her, dragging her into an alley. Raven is only semi-conscious when their assault is interrupted by a cacophony of growls followed by her attacker’s screams. Mercifully, she blacks out, but not before catching a glimpse of a shadowy figure who whispers to her…

Cassita vulneratus.

When Raven awakes, she is inexplicably changed. She returns to the Uffizi, but no one recognizes her and more disturbingly, she discovers that she’s been absent an entire week. With no recollection of the events leading up to her disappearance, Raven also learns that her absence coincides with one of the largest robberies in Uffizi history – the theft of a set of priceless Botticelli illustrations. When the baffled police force identifies her as its prime suspect, Raven is desperate to clear her name. She seeks out one of Florence’s wealthiest and elusive men in an attempt to uncover the truth about her disappearance. Their encounter leads Raven to a dark underworld whose inhabitants kill to keep their secrets…

Next is a book I got full price which is Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin. This author was a Wattpad author and so I decided to support her and check out her book!

Summary: They said she was going to be my ruin…
Then let her ruin me.

Caleb Lockhart has everything—wealth, adoration, a brilliant future. Until a chance encounter with a siren in a red dress changes everything. Until he meets the woman he dubs Red.

Veronica Strafford’s past makes it hard for her to trust anyone. Now, kicked out of her apartment, she reluctantly accepts Caleb’s offer for a place to stay.

Caleb feels intensely drawn to Veronica. And, for the first time in his life, he really wants something—someone. Too bad Veronica’s heart might just be the one thing Caleb can’t win.

Also in the clearance I got Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes. Apparently it’s the second book in the You series(?). I have You and haven’t read it but I decided to just pick it up and read it since it was cheap.

I also got Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski. I have the prequel novellas thing, but this is the first book! I’ve heard really good things about it so I really want to read it and I hope I like it! I won’t leave a summary because I’m hearing really different things about the order so in case it’s not the second/first book I won’t leave the summary!

So I hope you enjoyed this other book haul and keep an eye out for my future posts!

Book off Book Haul

Hey everyone! I haven’t done a haul in a while! So I’m getting back into the habit of doing them! So I went with my friend Dazmin to some bookstores and I found some really awesome books while there! We went to two different Book Offs, which are used bookstores in our area. So these are the books I got while there!

The first book is Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer! This is one of my all-time favorite books and I have the hardcover and I was looking for this UK paperback and ended up finding it so I snatched it up fast! I love love love this cover so much so I’m glad I can add it to my collection!

Summary: Delilah is a bit of a loner who prefers spending her time in the school library with her head in a book—one book in particular. Between the Lines may be a fairy tale, but it feels real. Prince Oliver is brave, adventurous, and loving. He really speaks to Delilah.

        And then one day Oliver actually speaks to her. Turns out, Oliver is more than a one-dimensional storybook prince. He’s a restless teen who feels trapped by his literary existence and hates that his entire life is predetermined. He’s sure there’s more for him out there in the real world, and Delilah might just be his key to freedom.

I also found this UK paperback of The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith. I have the UK cover for The Cuckoo’s Calling and I’m so happy that I found the second book in the same edition! I won’t leave the summary since it’s the second book but check the first book if you’re interested!

I also found another book to add to my Nora Roberts collection. It’s funny because I’m collecting her books but I haven’t read her books…I’ve read her works as JD Robb though….but I plan to read her books ASAP! I promise!

Summary: Kelsey Byden always believed that her mother was dead. But now, after all this time, she has discovered the truth: Naomi Chadwick is still alive—after spending years in prison for the murder of her lover.

Now, at Naomi’s Virginia horse farm, Kelsey is trying to sort out a lifetime of deception—and her feelings about her mother. The bonds of love can be fragile…as Kelsey learned from her recently ended marriage. But as the two women rebuild their relationship—and Kelsey finds herself swept into an unsettling new romance—she must decide once and for all who she can trust, and who threatens to betray her…

I also found the third book in the Inheritance Trilogy The Kingdom of Gods by N. K. Jemisin! I want to read her books so badly so I’m really happy I finally get to eventually! This cover is so pretty!

Also got two other Sylvia Day books to add to my collection, and this time I’ve actually read some of her books! The first is Pleasures of the Night and also Don’t Tempt Me. I need to get the other books in the series for Don’t Tempt Me then I can binge read them! I love her writing so much so I can’t wait to dive into them!

Summary (Pleasures of the Night): He comes to her in the twilight between sleep and consciousness to fulfill her secret desires. Lyssa Bates has never experienced such ecstasy, brought to her by a man whose deep, soul-penetrating blue eyes hold the promise of tempting intimacies and decadent pleasures. But this stranger, this lover, this immortal seducer is only a dream—a phantom of her nocturnal fantasies—until he appears, inexplicably, at her door in the flesh!

Lyssa aches for the reality of him, but there is grave danger in surrender. Because Captain Aidan Cross is on a mission, and the passion that consumes them both, body and soul, could have dire consequences in a world of dreams . . . and in the waking one as well. 

I got the second book in the Doon series by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon, Destined for Doon. I haven’t read this series but I’ve heard different things about them so I really want to read it eventually.

I also got this Sophie Kinsella book for 1$! It’s Remember Me? I have another one of her books that I got recently, so I hope I like them both! I wasn’t interested in her Sophaholic books but I like the sound of some of her standalones so I’ll keep you updated on what I feel!

Summary: When twenty-eight-year-old Lexi Smart wakes up in a London hospital, she’s in for a big surprise. Her teeth are perfect. Her body is toned. Her handbag is Vuitton. Having survived a car accident—in a Mercedes no less—Lexi has lost a big chunk of her memory, three years to be exact, and she’s about to find out just how much things have changed.

Somehow Lexi went from a twenty-five-year-old working girl to a corporate big shot with a sleek new loft, a personal assistant, a carb-free diet, and a set of glamorous new friends. And who is this gorgeous husband—who also happens to be a multimillionaire? With her mind still stuck three years in reverse, Lexi greets this brave new world determined to be the person she…well, seems to be. That is until an adorably disheveled architect drops the biggest bombshell of all.

Suddenly Lexi is scrambling to catch her balance. Her new life, it turns out, comes complete with secrets, schemes, and intrigue. How on earth did all this happen? Will she ever remember? And what will happen when she does?

With the same wicked humor and delicious charm that have won her millions of devoted fans, Sophie Kinsella, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Shopaholic & Baby, returns with an irresistible new novel and a fresh new heroine who finds herself in a life-changing and utterly hilarious predicament…

I found some Lora Leigh books and Sherrilyn Kenyon books! I won’t be giving summaries on these since they’re not the first in their series but I’m happy to have them for my library!

Also found another Sherrilyn Kenyon book for my library and also some more historical romance novels for my growing shelf! I can’t give summaries for these books since they’re also not the first books in their series but I’m really excited to read them!

I also got Burn by Maya Banks. I read the first book Rush a few months back and I loved it but I was kind of disappointed that it was a companion series but I do want to read the last two so I can finish it and see how I like them.

I also got Because We Belong. This is the second or third in the series. The series sounded really good so I’m picking up the books when I see them at used bookstores since they’re a bit expensive…but hoping to read them soon!

So I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you in my next post!

Bookish Box Unboxing- September 

Hey everyone! I’m here with my unboxing of the Bookish Box for September! This month the theme was Dystopian and this box had a few really good items!

So the first item in this box is this really pretty Tea Towel! I don’t really konw what you use this for but I love the design and the quote! I’ve never really read Ready Player One but it is on my TBR of books to eventually get to!

The next item is this really cute chocker necklace made by the Bookish Shop and it’s inspired by the Hunger Games and the girl on fire! Isn’t it pretty?! I really hope this fits since I have a bit of a wide neck!

I also got this sleep mask by (website link here: Audio Books), so help me read with my eyes closed. It came with a credit and a free audiobook! I love audiobooks, I enjoy listening to them on the drive to and from school, as well as when I’m cleaning, or taking a walk around the neighborhood, so I’m glad they included this!

My next item is an optional upgrade for the box. You can choose to add a shirt and since I love their designs and shirts I kept the option for my box. This month the quote was from The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken! I haven’t read that book either so I really need to get on it! This shirt was designed by Dorothy Reads (society6 link here: Society6).

One of the last few items is this Hunger Games notebook created by Bookish Box! I’m honestly not a huge fan of THG but I will be using this notebook! I have things I definitely will be using this for so I can’t wait to use it!

I was also sent this print with a quote from 1984 by George Orwell. I again have never read this book but it’s on my Classics TBR I hope to get to eventually. I hear his works are really well written and I hope I get the chance to pick them up soon!

It’ll be going in my collection of bookish prints!

The last item is the book! It’s All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis. I already have an ARC of this book but I am excited to add this hardcover to my shelves! It sounds really good so definitely check it out some time!

Summary: In a world where every word and gesture is copyrighted, patented or trademarked, one girl elects to remain silent rather than pay to speak, and her defiant and unexpected silence threatens to unravel the very fabric of society.

Speth Jime is anxious to deliver her Last Day speech and celebrate her transition into adulthood. The moment she turns fifteen, Speth must pay for every word she speaks (“Sorry” is a flat ten dollars and a legal admission of guilt), for every nod ($0.99/sec), for every scream ($0.99/sec) and even every gesture of affection. She’s been raised to know the consequences of falling into debt, and can’t begin to imagine the pain of having her eyes shocked for speaking words that she’s unable to afford.

But when Speth’s friend Beecher commits suicide rather than work off his family’s crippling debt, she can’t express her shock and dismay without breaking her Last Day contract and sending her family into Collection. Backed into a corner, Speth finds a loophole: rather than read her speech – rather than say anything at all – she closes her mouth and vows never to speak again. Speth’s unexpected defiance of tradition sparks a media frenzy, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps, and threatens to destroy her, her family and the entire city around them.

Here’s the spoiler card!

Let me kow your thoughts down below and I’ll see you all in my next post!

Owlcrate Unboxing: September

Hey everyone! I’m here with my September Owlcrate Unboxing for you all! I really love the design for this box this month, because I love the stars and the constellation esthetic so I was excited to see that this one had the design all over!

Anyways here’s the front of the spoiler card for you all! I’ll leave the description down below as usual.

I know in a recent box I got some stuff from the Soap Librarian and Owlcrate added an item from them in this box as well. I really like it and I really want to buy some of their other items in the future, but I have to be careful, mainly because my body is sensitive to this kind of products. Link for the shop is here: The Soap Librarian

This is the usual Owlcrate pin they include in each box! Adding this one to my growing collection of buttons! Isn’t it so pretty?!

Also got another wood bookmark to add to that growing collection as well. This one is from Game of Thrones and features the Mother of Dragons! I have a bunch of their woodworks from their shop, and I always love adding them to my collection. I also want to purchase some of their totes as well, because the designs are so pretty! Link for the shop here: Ink and Wonder

They included in this box a coin purse that was created exclusively by the Owlcrate team! I love dragons, my favorite being Smaug (of course), so of course I love that this is designed with mini red dragons! Isn’t this so cute???!

I am so so excited about this next item! I have been wanting a BookBeau for a while and I just could never get one in time before they always sold out, and I didn’t have much money during their Kickstarted a while back so I’m super excited that this box included a BookBeau!!! My first one!! Look at this lovely design! It has unicorns and mermaids on it! I love it so so much and I’m already using it for school! I’ll leave the link for BookBeau’s website, but as of right now it isn’t live yet: Book Beau

They also included this really cute sticker of Hagrid and Buckbeak from Harry Potter! Im not a huge fan of Harry Potter, but I loved the third movie and this cutie! Buckbeak was so cool and I adored him! The sticker is from Susanne Draws, her redbubble account link is here: Redbubble

And here is the book! It’s an Owlcrate exclusive cover again with the color of the font changed to gold! I’m super excited to read this book and I’ll update you all on when I decide to start it! It also came with a signed bookplate and a note from the author; as well as this booklet in the back talking about the book and the box.

Summary: Before

Mira Minkoba is the Hopebearer. Since the day she was born, she’s been told she’s special. Important. Perfect. She’s known across the Fallen Isles not just for her beauty, but for the Mira Treaty named after her, a peace agreement which united the seven islands against their enemies on the mainland.

But Mira has never felt as perfect as everyone says. She counts compulsively. She struggles with crippling anxiety. And she’s far too interested in dragons for a girl of her station.


Then Mira discovers an explosive secret that challenges everything she and the Treaty stand for. Betrayed by the very people she spent her life serving, Mira is sentenced to the Pit–the deadliest prison in the Fallen Isles. There, a cruel guard would do anything to discover the secret she would die to protect.

No longer beholden to those who betrayed her, Mira must learn to survive on her own and unearth the dark truths about the Fallen Isles–and herself–before her very world begins to collapse.

This book sounds amazing and I hope that I really enjoy it!

Here’s the spoiler card as well!


Let me know your thoughts on the box and the book in the comments below and I’ll see you all in my next post soon!

Tower of Dawn Unboxing

Hey everyone! So as many of you know, Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas was released recently, and like they did with ACOWAR, The Ya Chronicles did a Tower of Dawn box. They had options where you could get the US hardcover, the UK paperback, or both. I chose the UK paperback, since I had 5 copies of the US hardcover pre-ordered.

I’ll go ahead and leave the link for the Ya Chronicles website here: The Ya Chronicles and get started on the unboxing!

The first item we got was the usual bookmark that comes in their boxes, and they added the Tower of Dawn logo on the front.


The next item included in the box is this lovely bag! It has a quote on it and it says “A kernel of hope, the most dangerous of all weapons”. This item is from Blu Bear Bazaar and I’ll link their website here: Blu Bear Bazaar. They have lots of cool items so I definitely need to check them out more in the future! I use this bag though now for my workout clothes when I go to campus.


Next is this really pretty necklace from Belle Regalia on Etsy! I love necklaces like this, they feel really delicate and classy. She included a quote from the novel in the middle which looks stunning! Definitely go check out her shop! Shop link here: Belle Regalia


We also got this temporary tattoo from BookMark’d Tattoos. I don’t really wear temporary tattoos, mainly because they’re so pretty and I hate to just use them once when I wish I could wear them all the time. I found her shop on society6 so I’ll leave the website link here: Society6 Page and her etsy page: Etsy Page


I also got a cool candle to add to my candle collection! It’s this Nesryn candle and it smells so so good! I definitely will be burning this sometime soon! It’s from Novel Scents and Co, and they have a bunch of new Throne of Glass candles on preorder and lots of other bookish candles so I’ll leave their website here for you to check out: Novel Scents and Co


We also got this adorable print of Dorian and Chaol from Taratjah on Society6 and Redbubble! I loved her work and have actually bought a few items from their sites! I’ll leave both links here so you can check out her artwork! Society6: Society6 Redbubble: Redbubble.


The last item before the book is this bookmark made by ReadandWonder on Etsy. I really want to place an order for their bookmarks but so far I haven’t, mainly because I want so freaking many of them! Gah! But here’s the website link: ReadandWonder


Lastly is the book! I’ll leave a summary but there might be some spoilers in it if you haven’t read the other books so be warned!

Summary: In the next installment of the New York Times bestselling Throne of Glass series, follow Chaol on his sweeping journey to a distant empire.

Chaol Westfall has always defined himself by his unwavering loyalty, his strength, and his position as the Captain of the Guard. But all of that has changed since the glass castle shattered, since his men were slaughtered, since the King of Adarlan spared him from a killing blow, but left his body broken.

His only shot at recovery lies with the legendary healers of the Torre Cesme in Antica—the stronghold of the southern continent’s mighty empire. And with war looming over Dorian and Aelin back home, their survival might lie with Chaol and Nesryn convincing its rulers to ally with them.

But what they discover in Antica will change them both—and be more vital to saving Erilea than they could have imagined.

I honestly can’t wait to read it and will be reading it in December for Remember December, since I will be rereading the entire series!

But look at how pretty this cover is! So excited for it!


Here’s the spoiler card!


And there we have it! Keep an eye out for future posts I have planned in the future and thank you for sticking with me through my crazy schedule with school! Let me know your thoughts down below and I’ll see you all next time!

YA Chronicles Unboxing-August

Hey everyone! I’m here for the August YA Chronicles Unboxing! This box has some interesting items and I can’t wait to show you what was included! They are currently having a sale on their boxes so I highly suggest checking it out!

YA Chronicles website link: The Ya Chronicles


The theme for this box is Electric Stories and the spoiler card is so pretty! I’ll be leaving that card down below!


The first item is this Calming Cauldron which you run under running bath water and you can cook up your own calming draught. I think this is so cool and super unique! I am obsessed with bath bombs and the such so I cant wait to use it in the bathtub!

Shop link here: Bubble Butt Bath Products


I don’t know if you’re familiar with Ink and Wonder designs but they make some really pretty woodmarks! I have 4 of them so far and I always have to talk myself out of buying more because I need to save money! But this Rupi Kaur bookmark is stunning! I’m not familiar with this work I’m definitely intrigued now!

Shop link: InkandWonder


If you know me then you know Sarah J Maas is one of my all time favorite authors and I collect a lot of stuff that have designs based on her work on them. So of course I was super excited that this pouch with the Court of Dreams design was on it! I’m currently using it to store some of my bookmarks since I have so many of them. This design is from DorothyReads and I’ll leave her link here: Dorothy Reads


They also included Pikachu pens so I have more pens to add to my stationary collection! These are so cute and I hope they end up writing well!


The book included in this box is The Undercurrent, which I actually haven’t heard of before but it sounds really good so I plan to get to it soon!

Summary: Eighteen-year-old Julianne De Marchi is different. As in: she has an electrical undercurrent beneath her skin that stings and surges like a live wire. She can use it—to spark a fire, maybe even end a life—but she doesn’t understand what it is. And she can barely control it, especially when she’s anxious.

Ryan Walsh was on track for a stellar football career when his knee blew out. Now he’s a soldier—part of an experimental privatised military unit that has identified Jules De Marchi as a threat. Is it because of the weird undercurrent she’s tried so hard to hide? Or because of her mother Angie’s history as an activist against bio-engineering and big business?

It’s no coincidence that Ryan and Jules are in the same place at the same time—he’s under orders to follow her, after all. But then an explosive attack on a city building by an unknown enemy throws them together in the most violent and unexpected way.

Paula Weston, author of the much-admired Rephaim series, returns with a standalone work: a futuristic thriller that is only slightly futuristic—but utterly and undeniably thrilling. Great writing, heart-burning characters, probing questions about where technology is taking us—and a plot that zips and zings like an electrical current itself. This is a great young-adult writerat the peak of her powers.

So as you can see it sounds really good so I hope I like it!


Lastly here is the spoiler card!


Let me know in the comments your thoughts and what item looked to be your favorite in this box as I would love to know and I’ll see you all in my next post!

Owlcrate Unboxing-August

Hey everyone! School has started and now I’m running all over trying to do everything at once and still have time for reading! But I’ll talk about all that in another post maybe, so here’s my August Owlcrate unboxing!

Owlcrate link here: Owlcrate


The theme was Something Wicked This Way Comes and I love this artwork! And as usual the spoiler card will be down below!


The first item we got was this double sided bookmark from Treehouseofbooks! They have some stunning bookmarks and this one is no exception. They made this beautiful bookmark with quotes from Six of Crows by the stunning Leigh Bardugo. I’ll leave the link for this shop here: Hey Atlas Creative


We also got this really cute purple fountain pen from Ooly! It’s super cute and I am obsessed with stationary so of course this will be added to my collection! Shop link here: Ooly


This is the usual pin that is included in the box with the theme design on it! Adding this to my small collection of course!


I think one my favorite item in this box this month is this copy of Sleepy Hollow & Other Stories by Rock Paper Books! Sleepy Hollow is one of my all time favorite stories and movies (both cartoon and live action) ever so I’m so happy to be able to add this to my collection of classics! Rock Paper Books included a book in a box a while back and that was so cute as well! Link here: Rock Paper Books


We also got this Edgar Allen Poe socks from Out of Print! They’re so so cute! He’s a favorite of mine for his horror works, and I love Out of Print’s products so I’m happy to add these to my sock collection! I highly suggest checking out their shop because they have so many awesome items for sale! Shop link here: Out of Print


I dont normally drink coffee so think this will go to my parents but it’s a Dark Arts coffee brew by Happenstance Coffee! I have quite a few coffee brews from other boxes so I hope this one tastes good for my parentals! Link here: Happenstance Coffee


I also got this This Savage Song sticker created by EvieBookish! I have mentioned her a lot in the past because I love her work! I haven’t read This Savage Song duet so this quote kind of went over my head, but I really do love the design and hope I can get to the series soon! Evie’s society6 shop link: Society6 Redbubble link: Redbubble


Lastly we have the book which I hadn’t heard about before but I hope I like it! It looks interesting and sounds cool from what I gathered about it! This is also an exclusive cover from Owlcrate which is really pretty! They also included a letter, a pin, and a signed bookplate!

Summary: When Dee Moreno makes a deal with a demon—her heart in exchange for an escape from a disastrous home life—she finds the trade may have been more than she bargained for. And becoming “heartless” is only the beginning. What lies ahead is a nightmare far bigger, far more monstrous than anything she could have ever imagined.

With reality turned on its head, Dee has only a group of other deal-making teens to keep her grounded, including the charming but secretive James Lancer. And as something grows between them amid an otherworldy ordeal, Dee begins to wonder: Can she give someone her heart when it’s no longer hers to give? 



Here’s the spoiler card as well if you’re interested!


Let me know your thoughts below and I’ll see you in my next post!

July Owlcrate Unboxing

Hey guys! Here is my Owlcrate Unboxing for the month of July! There were some really good goodies in this month’s box and I loved it! I think I loved one item in particular and if you know you know which item was my favorite!


So the theme for the month of July for Owlcrate was Wanderlust! Here’s the front of the card for it, and on the back it has the spoilers for the box, which will be at the bottom of the post.


The first item is the Bag Tag which is an Owl! It’s so cute and it’s from Mudpuppy which I will leave the link here for the shop: Mudpuppy


Now this is a really beautiful art print by Shailey Ann Designs and I’ll be linking the website here: Shailey Ann Designs

I really love this quote though I think it’s beautiful!


There’s also this really cute journal from Ooly and I have way too many journals but I love to have them because they’re really pretty and I just love randomly writing in them when I’m in the mood! I think this cover is so fun and pretty and I can’t wait to use it for something!

Link: Ooly


And here is the item that I was head over heels in love with! It’s a Lord of the Rings drawstring bag!!!!

Isn’t it so pretty?! I love it so much! I want to use it so much but then again I want to keep it pretty and clean! I’m so torn!

But it has one of my favorite quotes from the books and movies ever: “Home is behind, the world ahead. And there are many paths to tread through shadows to the edge of night. Until the stars are all alight.”

But this will be hanging out with my other collector bags that I love too much to use!


This item I’m not too crazy about because I’m not really a fan of Fantastic Beasts but I really do like Eddie Redmayne though so I do like this keychain in that aspect.


Now this quote on this pocket mirror is not really familiar to me but I know once I read those books it will be! I think it’s so pretty though and I love the colors on it! It was made by Miss Phi who is on society6 and red bubble so I’ll leave her links here: Society6 Redbubble


The next items relate to the book for the box but I’ll wait for you to scroll down to see what book it is even though you can probably guess it anyways…


The book is the Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzie Lee! I’ll leave the summary under but it is the Owlcrate exclusive edition and they changed the colors on the spine and front from green to blue! I actually like this one better, since blue is my favorite color! I’m super excited to start this book hopefully soon!

Summary: Henry “Monty” Montague was born and bred to be a gentleman, but he was never one to be tamed. The finest boarding schools in England and the constant disapproval of his father haven’t been able to curb any of his roguish passions—not for gambling halls, late nights spent with a bottle of spirits, or waking up in the arms of women or men.

But as Monty embarks on his Grand Tour of Europe, his quest for a life filled with pleasure and vice is in danger of coming to an end. Not only does his father expect him to take over the family’s estate upon his return, but Monty is also nursing an impossible crush on his best friend and traveling companion, Percy.

Still it isn’t in Monty’s nature to give up. Even with his younger sister, Felicity, in tow, he vows to make this yearlong escapade one last hedonistic hurrah and flirt with Percy from Paris to Rome. But when one of Monty’s reckless decisions turns their trip abroad into a harrowing manhunt that spans across Europe, it calls into question everything he knows, including his relationship with the boy he adores.

Hope to have my thoughts and review posted soon!


Lastly heres the spoiler card!


Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this box and I’ll see you in my next post!