Weekly TBR and Wrap Up

Hello! I’m here with my Wrap Up and TBR for this week!

So as per usual I’ll start off with the books I read last week!

So I read three books last week and started two more so I’m happy! I first finished War Storm by Victoria Aveyard and wow again that was sooooo great! I loved it! I cannot believe that this series is over but wow! Such a fun ride!

Aveyard_War Storm

And then I also finished All the Little Lights by Jamie McGuire! I loved this book! I had never read any of her books before and I am so glad I got the chance to check this one out because I will for sure be reading her books in the future!

Isn’t this book cover stunning??


And lastly I finished Linger by Maggie Stiefvater which was so good! Grace and Sam are just so cute! I’m really enjoying this werewolf series! It’s so fun! I cannot wait to finish the series soon!


And here are the current books I am reading!

I am currently reading My Plain Jane and it’s so funny so far! I am really enjoying it! It sounds fun! I hope that humor continues! It’s really cool!


And I also started the audiobook of Prodigy by Marie Lu! I finally got approved for this audiobook on Libby! I just can’t wait to continue! It’s so awesome so far!


And here are the other books I want to read this week!

I hope to read Her Last Word by Mary Burton which I got off Netgalley, and Bright We Burn by Kiersten White which I got from YallWest and then I want to listen to the audiobook of Champion by Marie Lu! I want to finish the Legend trilogy this week! I hope I can! I’m trying to be better and read and finish series!

I may read more books or I may not! I hope I can get more books in but I decided to make this TBR a bit smaller so I can fit more books in there!

What are you hoping to read this week?? What are you excited for me to read?? Let me know!


Currently Reading

Hello everyone! I’m here with my Currently Reading post for this week!

So I’ll start as usual with the books I’ve completed!

So I only finished one book so far but I’m almost done with two more so I’m happy with myself! I finished War Storm by Victoria Aveyard and wow what a ride! I love this series so much and I’m so happy I read it! Such fun!

And then I am currently reading All the Little Lights by Jamie McGuire and it’s really good so far! I haven’t read a book by her before but it’s definitely something to read! I’m really enjoying it! It is very dark but addicting!

And I’m almost finished with the audiobook for Linger by Maggie Stiefvater! Finally getting to this book and I’m so in love with it! So cute and I’m in love with Grace and Sam!

And I have hope to finish two books during the weekend! I want to finish both Prodigy by Marie Lu! I got approved for the audiobook off Libby finally! So happy to continue this series!

And also My Plain Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows! I plan on getting this mostly done or finished by Monday! It sounds so good and I really wanna read it!

and that’s my tbr! I’m super excited to get to these books so here’s hoping that I do!

What do you plan on reading this weekend? Let me know down below!

Weekly Wrap Up and TBR

Hello! I’m here to wrap up the previous week and talk about what I want to read for this coming week!

I read four books last week and I’m so happy about it! I read some good books this past week! And I have some good books I want to read this week!

So the first book I read was Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli. I didn’t like it as much as Simon, mainly because Leah was just very annoying and was mean to a lot of people and then would hate it when people were mean to her. I just didn’t like her as much as I did Simon.


I also read Bruja Born by Zoraida Cordova. I wasn’t a huge fan of Labyrinth Lost and I liked this one maybe half a star more than that one. I just don’t like the characters that much, but it was funny. Because I didn’t like Alex that much in the first book, but I liked her better in this book.


And then I read It Takes Two by Jenny Holiday and I actually liked it. It wasn’t amazing but it was fun and cute! I felt it could have been a bit better. But stay tuned for my review!


And then I finally read The Crown! I’ll go more into this book with my review but in a way I expected her to fall for this guy, but I didn’t think she would end up with him. I did enjoy it, but I still love the first part of this series more!


Sorry I couldn’t post this for a bit I was in a War Storm hole for a few days! I just powered through this audiobook and was dying inside as it happened!! I have a few thoughts about it and I’m not sure how I feel.

Aveyard_War Storm

So the next book I am currently reading is All the Little Lights by Jamie McGuire! I’m so excited to read it! I have it for review and I’m a bit behind but yeah!


And then I wanna read Her Last Word by Mary Burton! Again this is another review book that I wanna get to and get a review up! Again here’s hoping I do!


And I got an ARC of My Plain Jane and I loved My Lady Jane so I hope I like this one as well! It’s so funny and I hope this one is just as humorous!


Lastly I wanna get to the audiobook of Linger since I’ve been wanting to read it for a few weeks already! Here’s hoping I get to it!!


and that is my ambitious tbr for this month! Wish me luck that I’ll be able to get to them all! I could use the luck!

What’s on your tbr? Have you finished anything this week?? Let me know!

Currently Reading

Hello! Here is my Currently Reading post for this weekend! I have a few books that I have to talk about so I am going to get right to it! I have the weekend off so lets hope that I can spend a bunch of it reading!

So the first book I finished is Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli! I gave this 4/5 stars, and I’ll be reviewing this soon as possible! It was a good book and I enjoyed it well enough but I love Simon way more!

And I also read Bruja Born by Zoraida Cordova which I reviewed here: Bruja Born and I explained my thoughts on there, but overall it was a solid novel, and I felt that in a way I’m interested to see where it goes.

And here is what I am reading and what I want to read.

And I am currently listening to War Storm on Scribd with a friend and it’s so good! I am not going to finish it this week but I want to get most of it done this week! I just want to know what happens and I’m slowly dying!

And I also am reading the eBook of It Takes Two by Jenny Holiday and it’s fun and I want to see more from this so I can’t wait to finish it and see what goes on!

And I hope to read The Traitor’s Ruin by Erin Beaty this weekend. I read the first book last year and it was really good so I hope this is a great continuation of this series! I kind of need to look up the summary since I read the first one before it came out so I can’t remember much about it since I read a bunch of books between them.

And I also want to get part way through Her Last Word by Mary Burton and maybe finish  it if I have a chance?? I really want to read it and so I hope it gets mostly read this weekend!

Overall I have a few plans for this weekend so I hope I have the chance to read these books that I am planning on! Pray for me!

What are you planning on reading this weekend?

Weekly TBR and Wrap Up

Hello! Here is my wrap up for you and also my TBR for the week!

So as you saw in my currently reading post I finished Legendary on Monday and I loved it! My review is live as well so you can check it out here: Legendary

I give it 5/5! Definitely check out Caraval and Legendary if you haven’t! You would enjoy it so much!


I also finished the audiobook for The Rose Society by Marei Lu! I loved this audiobook and I thought the book was so good! I am so ready to dive into The Midnight Star asap! I need to know what happens next because things are getting intense!


And I finally finished Hot Asset! It was really good but I wasn’t blown away by it! My review is coming this week so I hope you come back to check that out soon! It was a cute romance and I enjoyed it but I think in the beginning I had to kind of push myself to continue this book but after like 8 chapters I got into it!


Here is what I am currently reading!

I started the audiobook yesterday of Leah on the Offbeat which is a sequel type book to Simon vs. the Homo sapiens Agenda. I am enjoying this book so much! I adore Simon and I love seeing him and Bram together from the eyes of Leah. Plus Simon is so cute and I just love him.


And I am almost done with Bruja Born. I’ll be finishing it tonight and I am just desperate to figure out what is happening! This is crazy! I thought I liked Lula better but with the way she seems to treat Alex after what happened in the first book, she’s just getting a bit much. I mean I understand why she kind of does treat her that way but at the same time I’m like you need to slow down Lula. But more in my review in the future!


Here is what I plan on reading this week!

I am starting War Storm either today or tomorrow, as soon as I finish Leah I’ll be starting this! I am buddy reading it with my friend from work! We love to fangirl over books and everything so we decided to read this together! It’ll be so fun!

Aveyard_War Storm

I am also planning on reading The Bird and the Blade which sounds so good! I am excited to read this book! It sounds really good!


And I don’t think I’ll able to finish this book, Linger, since I’m listening to two audiobooks this week but hopefully I can finish this book this week! Or get most of it done!


And if I have time I want to get this book partly done this week but my extreme goal is to get this book mostly done! It sounds really good so again I hope to get most of this done!


And that is my big TBR that I probably won’t finish but hey I have high expectations for myself!

Let me know what you are planning on reading this week as I would really love to know! Have you read any of these books??

Currently Reading

And here is what I am currently reading!

I finished Legendary and I am currently in the middle of two other books! Here is my review for Legendary if you’re interested: Legendary 


Here is what I am currently reading! I am listening to the audiobook of The Rose Society by Marie Lu which is really good! I am loving it and I hope to finish it tomorrow!


And here is the eARC I am reading! I am still in the early stages of reading Bruja Born by Zoraida Cordova and so far so good! I am enjoying it and I hope it continues to be that way!


And again this is on my TBR and I plan on getting it done this weekend! I really want to continue this series so I hope that getting this book done will help me get through it as well! I want to know what happens next!


And I also want to start this book! I want to start reading The Bird and the Blade and I know I most likely won’t get it done today but I hope that I get to most of it! It sounds really good and I can’t wait to see what this book brings to the table! It sounds really good!


And that is my TBR for this rest of this week! I am super excited to read all of these books! So ready!

What are you currently reading??

June TBR

Hello! It is the last day of May and I figured since Goodreads is having issues with Books I Read in May I figured I would do my June TBR first and hopefully when I start working on my May Wrap Up Goodreads will be fixed!

So June is another month where I plan on trying to get ahead on my ARCs. As May and April wasn’t my best months of getting ahead I figured I would try again this month and hopefully do better!

So here are the audiobooks that I plan on reading in June!

Let’s hope that I get to all of these!

And then here are the ARCs that I want to read! Physical copies first!

And ebooks I want to read!

And those are all the books I plan on reading this June! It’s a lot but since I don’t have school until July I plan on binging all the books that I can! I really want to get most of these done and reviews written!

And then July I’m making it a romance month and I cannot wait!

Overall that is my TBR which is massive but I think I can get most of them done! I’m excited!

What are you planning on reading in June??

Weekly Reads TBR and Wrap Up

So I only got one book read this week sadly but it was a nice relaxing week! I got Labyrinth Lost audiobook and I’m interested to see what happens in Bruja Born which I’ll be starting this week!

And here is what I want to read this week or I’m currently reading!

I have like 50 pages left of Legendary by Stephanie Garber so I’ll be finishing this today! I am loving it and I’m dying! It’s so good!!!

And I also started the audiobook of The Rose Society and wow! It’s really good so far!! I’m excited to continue!

And here is what else I wanna read this week and hopefully finish!

I wanna start and finish Bruja Born by Zoraida Cordova! I enjoyed Labyrinth Lost well enough so I’m interested to see what this brings to the table!

I also want to listen to the audiobook of Linger since I read Shiver and I’m trying to get better at reading a series and binging them if they’re finished! I wanna get better at finishing a series!

And I want to read the Bird and the Blade by Megan Bannen and I’m really excited to check this out! I haven’t heard much about it so let’s hope that I enjoy this one!

And that’s my TBR I hope to get to this week! Let’s hope that I do a good job reading hehehe!

Let me know down below what you’re reading this week as I would love to know!

Currently Reading

So this post is late and I’m sorry about that oops but here’s what I’m currently reading. I haven’t read much because I’ve been like catching up on sleep and relaxing since I’ve been stressed with work and school for months this semester! It’s been great!

But I’m almost done with Labyrinth Lost and I’ve had a few months where I’ve gotten annoyed but I think now it’s getting better. I have like 8 chapters left so here’s hoping I finish it tonight in the way home from work!

And I had started Legendary and stopped because I was nervous since I’ve loved Caraval and I was worried at how things would turn out but I picked it back up and got like 100 pages I’m so I’m loving it and hoping to finish it tomorrow as well! At the latest Monday!

And also reading Hot Asset and I wanna finish this as well during the day tomorrow! Wish me luck! I have work so I don’t know if that’ll happen!

And that is my small tbr for the rest of the weekend because I was super late with this post! Sorry!! I promise this coming week will be better! School was just really stressful and I was trying to get some rest and relaxation!

Let me know your thoughts and what you’re reading the rest of the weekend as I would love to know!

Weekly Reads TBR and Wrap-Up

Hello everyone! Here is what I read last week and what I plan on reading this week! I had a kind of slow weekend so I didn’t get much reading done at all. But here is what I read last week. And what I plan on getting done this week!

So I DNF’ed Uprooted sadly and I mentioned this before about how I was disappointed, but I’ll go more into it during my review which should be up soon! I was sadly disappointed by this.


And I listened to this really scary audiobook And The Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich! I could not listen to this at night honestly! I would get really scared! But this book wasn’t too bad but wasn’t mind blowing. I think the audiobook made it much better. But it was a really good audiobook and highly recommend it! It’s very creepy, and really brings this book to life! I enjoyed reading this book so much more having this cool experience!


And Legend by Marie Lu was another audiobook I finished this week! I have the second audiobook on my wishlist on Libby since there’s a bit of a waiting list so once it’s checked out to me I’ll be able to listen to it! I wanted to read this series for a while, so I’m really glad that I can get it started!


I also finally started this series! It was really awesome and in a way kind of predictable. I predicted the secret of one of the girls, and I wish the author was a bit more discreet about somethings because I know it’s supposed to be a surprise, I think, but at the same time I found out the secrets before they were revealed. But I liked the way the romance seemed to go.


And here is what I am planning on reading!

I am currently listening to The Heir on audiobook and I am finishing it up as we speak and so that’ll be my first book done this week. I am actually really enjoying this book but there are some small complaints that will come out I my review but this cover is stunning! I love it! I also forgot how much I love this series!


And Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova is another book that I plan on reading this week. I have the arc of the second book on my kindle so I hope to read this and get to read the second book!


I also checked out the second book The Rose Society of The Young Elites trilogy and I am enjoying this book series so much and I cannot wait to see what happens! It really is addicting and I want to find out what people do next!


Another audiobook is Linger by Maggie Stiefvater and again this is another series I finally started and hope to continue! I really need to finish series that I start and have wanted to read for a while! I have a few that I just will start and haven’t really gotten done with yet so my goal is to listen or read them and this is one of them that I plan on starting and powering through!

That prolly didn’t make any sense but meh ahahaha!


And this is another book I have to read and I plan on reading it for a solo reading party Wednesday so I hope to get it done then or get most of it done! I am like 50 pages in and it’s really interesting so far! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Furyborn book tour reveal


And I also want to finish Hot Asset! I have gotten like 20% of the way through so I plan on reading more of this week! It’s kind of funny so I hope it continues along that line!


And lastly is one of my most anticipated books this year! I am like 15% so I plan on finishing this as well!


And this is a huge TBR but I hope that I get the chance to read since I’m not in classes and only have to worry about work! Wish me luck!!

Let me know in the comments what you are reading as I would love to know!