O.W.L.S Magical Readathon Check Up

Hey everyone! So we are halfway into April and I thought I would check in with you all and tell you what I have read for the O.W.L.S readathon! I have changed some of my books for certain spots so I figured I’d tell you updated books and everything else!

So here are the categories again:

These are the ones I need to pass my O.W.L.S

Ancient Ruins: Read a retelling: I am reading Hunted by Megan Spooner which is my next audiobook!


Arithmancy: A work written by more than one author: Roomies which is one I just finished today and it’s by Christina Lauren


Defense Against the Dark Arts: Reducto or A title that starts with the letter “R”: Renegades my Marissa Meyer which is one I need to start soon since it’s kind of a big book!


History of Magic: A book published at least 10 years ago: The Name of the Wind which is another audiobook I am currently listening to as my commute book!


And lastly Transfiguration: A book with sprayed edges or a red cover: Circle of Shadows by Evelyn Skye!


And these are the ones outside my Hogwarts Librarian career!

Astronomy: A book with the word “star” in the title: Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray which I finished!


Care of Magical Creatures: A book with a land animal on the cover: Im stretching it with this one but I chose The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherina Arden. I just wasnt in the mood for White Stag.


Divination: Set in the future: I’m still planning on reading Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston hopefully!


Herbology: Plant on the cover: Wild Beauty by Anne Marie Mclemore which is also finished!


Potions: Next ingredient: Sequel: Lady Smoke by Laura Sebastian which I still need to read


Muggle Studies: Contemporary: Which I completed with One Day in December by Josie Silver!


And that’s my check up! I seemed to have completed more of the challenges not related to my career but hopefully in the second half of the month I’ll correct that! Wish me luck!


Weekly Reads TBR & Wrap Up

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend! I’ve been busy with school and such so that was fun??? Hopefully this week will be better for reading since I’ve had to miss work since I’ve been sick meh. But I have good plans for reading so yeah! Let’s hope I get to read more!

Here’s what I read last week! I finished Nightblood and Defy the Stars, and I DNF’ed the Meaning of Birds.

I also finished a book this morning in one sitting. It was good! It was called Heartstopper by Alice Oseman! Highly recommend it!


And these are what I am currently reading! I am almost done with Roomies so I’m excited for that! The Name of the Wind will take me a while to read but yeah hopefully by the end of the month I’ll be able to finish it!

And these are the other books I want to read this week as well! I might be able to finish these all but again not sure about that but I want to at least get most of these done! Or started!

This seems kind of ambitious so wish me luck! I’m super excited for all of these!

What are your reading plans this week?

TBR and Wrap Up

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been updating on here much! I was on vacation for my spring break so I wasn’t home and didn’t want to put much up and just enjoy my time with my friends.

But I have a quick wrap up and a small TBR for the week for you all so lets get started!

So last week I read three books but I technically DNF’ed two oops. And then I actually finished 1 and then yesterday I finished a book as well.

So I read Fireblood, and I DNF’ed Spinning Silver and Wicked Saints.

And yesterday I was able to finish Nightblood!


And I am currently reading quite a few books. So I finally started The Name of the Wind which is my commute book, I started Defy the Stars which is my home audiobook, and I am also reading The Meaning of Birds as just my regular physical book. Also if I’m going somewhere like out to dinner or out shopping I bring along my kindle and read Vow of Thieves. Again quite a few books but ehhh….

And then I have a small TBR for the rest of the week. I want to make sure to finish these books mostly but I also want to try to read: Roomies, Wild Beauty, Circle of Shadows, and Before the Broken Star.

I know I won’t be able to read them all but I do want to read as much as I can!

I know it’s super ambitious but I think I can do most of it! Let’s hope I can! Wish me luck! What are your reading plans for the week?

Currently Reading

Hey everyone! I’m here to talk about what I read so far this week and what I want to read this coming weekend!

So I binge read an entire series this week and I am now obsessed. I started reading the Gold Seeker trilogy by Rae Carson and yesterday night I finished the final book in the trilogy and this series was so good! Stay tuned for my review! I plan on posting that soon!

The Gold Seer Trilogy - Rae Carson

And that’s all I read this week. But I am still making progress with two other books. I hope this weekend will be the weekend where I finish a bunch of my books. I think this weekend will be a focus on my physical and ebooks that I have been neglecting for audiobooks. And another reason is because in April I am doing the Owl’s Magical Readathon by The Book Roast on YouTube. I am not a real big fan of Harry Potter but I thought the readathon was so cool and decided to join in! I’ll be posting that TBR in the next day or two. So here are the two books I want to make the effort to finish this weekend:

So Wicked Saints is a book I am making a priority this weekend.

And then The Meaning of Birds is another book I want to read.

I’m not making any more reading plans because I’m not sure what I am in the mood for and such. I might finish these and then start another book and maybe start another audiobook. But yeah again not making plans on here since I’m not sure what audiobook I’ll have by then.

But yeah that’s my wrap up and TBR and what I am currently reading. Plus I’m leaving on vacation to Vegas so yeah I have to kind of start packing, gunna spend time with Leia and my family since they’re staying here while I’m leaving.

So yeah have a great weekend and let me know what you’re currently reading down below!  


Currently Reading

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting. I was in a really bad place anxiety wise and also just lost a lot of confidence in myself and I just wasn’t about to focus on anything.

Im back though! I’m happy about that! I havent read a lot since I’ve been too anxious to focus much but now that I’m feeling so much better I’ve been able to really get in the reading mood! I’m happy! I’m on the up and up!

Anyways so far this week I’ve read:

and I gave them both 5/5 stars! I really enjoyed them both! Like a lot! Dance of Thieves I wasn’t surprised about since Mary E Pearson is one of my favorite authors, but I was surprised with Serious Moonlight! I loved it! I loved it so much! Daniel was bae! I adore him! More about that in my review coming soon!

So here’s what I am currently reading:

I’m reading The Meaning of Birds physically, The White Rose on audiobook, and then Wicked Saints on eBook.

And then I have one or two books I plan on reading once I finish those books:

And those are my reading plans! And what I read already!

It’s a bit much but I am having a friend over this weekend for a reading party so I’m excited to read with her! It’ll be great!

What are you reading currently? What are your reading plans? I’d love to know!

Currently Reading

Hey everyone! I’m here to talk about the books I am currently reading! I haven’t done a Currently Reading post in a while but I thought since I have some time today before I do my homework so I felt I would update you all!

So I haven’t read that many books so far this week but I have been busy a lot this week and such with work, school, and just life in general. So this wrap up will be short but yeah here’s my wrap up:

I loved The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy! And I ended up DNF-ing Bridge of Clay. I was so bored! I was sad that I didn’t like it but oh well I guess…

And here are the books I am currently reading:

And then here is my TBR for the rest of the weekend:

So yeah this is a bit ambitious but let’s hope I get most of them done!


Weekly TBR & Wrap Up

Hey everyone I’m sorry this is so late at nigh! But here is my TBR for this week, as well as my wrap up from last week!

Wrap Up:

And then I finished a book today which was:


And then here is my TBR and what I am currently reading for this coming week! I’m making this short because I do have to go to bed but I wanted to get this up for you all!

Currently Reading:


And these are my reading plans for this week! Hope you enjoyed! Sorry again that it’s so short!

What are your reading plans??

January Wrap Up

Hey everyone! Here is my Wrap Up for the month of January! I have a few different categories to talk about and such! I read a freaking 20 books this month according to Goodreads! Wow! I’m so excited!!

Anyways here are the books I read!

These are the ones that I DNF’ed:

I just didn’t enjoy these ones and I didn’t want to make myself read these if I didn’t like them. I’m actually really upset about Reign the Earth and Emergency Contact. Those are ones that I really thought I would love and enjoy and sadly I didn’t even finish them!

And these are my books I rated 3 Stars:

I will be continuing the series for The Burning Sky, I just felt it wasn’t anything too special, but I am curious enough to read more!

These are my books that I rated 4 Stars:

And I really enjoyed these all! I am excited to continue The Jewel series because that surprised me how much I enjoyed it! I’m excited to see where it goes! And I want to also continue Truly Devious as well! I believe the sequel recently came out?? So once it does I will be reading it! I’m excited to read it! And yeah all these books I’m excited to read!

And lastly these are the books I rated 5 Stars:

I think my favorite books are: Once and For All, From Twinkle with Love, and Only a Breath Apart! I enjoyed those the most but overall I loved this books so much! I’m really happy with what I read!

What did you read this past month?? Let me know down below!!

Currently Reading

Hey everyone! Aren’t you so proud of me! I am actually actively updating! And I’ve been writing reviews in my notebook to type them up! I’m just so proud of myself! *cries*

I’ve been reading a few things right now and I’m proud of what I’ve been able to read lately! I haven’t read any of my TBR picks that I’ve posted a while back: TBR Jar Picks: Top 12 Newly Acquired Books to Read in 2019 and TBR Jar: Top 12 Books That Have Been on My TBR the Longest. But that just means next month I have to read two of each!

But yeah I am here to tell you what I am reading right now and what I want to read during the weekend.

Here’s what I read so far:

So I DNF’ed Emergency Contact so yeah….Sam was just really annoying. I didn’t like him at all and I just couldn’t continue it….

But here are the books I am reading:

So I am reading Crown of Feathers physically, The Thousandth Floor via audiobook, and The Enchanted Sonata via Kindle!

And here are the books I want to read this weekend:

And yeah…these are so ambitious but yeah know…that’s my life…I guess

Anyways, what are you reading?? Let me know below!

Weekly Reads TBR & Wrap Up

Hey everyone! I’m here with my Weekly TBR and Wrap Up from last week, and for today since I’m posting this a little late today (whoops). I’m kind of keeping things a bit small this week since I’m trying my best to sort of get ahead in my work for classes since I’m leaving for Disney World in two weeks! So for the next few weeks my TBR isn’t going to be massive and I’ll be kind of playing it by ear and such.

So here’s the books that I read last week:

So I think out of these five from last year, my favorites are Once and For All, and From Twinkle with Love! You definitely need to check those out! They’re so good!!

And then I DNF’ed Emergency Contact by Mary H K Choi because I honestly couldn’t be bothered to read it anymore. I didn’t like the character Sam at all. He was so annoying and I hated reading from his POV. Penny was prolly the only reason I kept reading up to where I did. But I couldn’t do it anymore. I’m upset…really upset. But it is what it is.


But I am currently reading two books:

And then I want to read a few other books so here are my options. I don’t think I’ll be able to read them all but hopefully I read most of them!

So yeah those are my plans for this week! I have classwork, and regular work to do so I’ll be kind of busy but hopefully I’ll have a chance to get everything done!